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I bit the bullet and went premium. My reasons for doing so are listed;1. I love the community, sharing, supporting and the fact that Carson and Kyle are pretty much always online you can see they have a prime focus on this community and that is valuable.2. I want to be as successful as I can be and premium offers that potential to me with the added benefits that comes with it.I would recommend anyone to upgrade, it's affordable and the first month is discounted nicely, the extra training and su
March 29, 2016
So BAM! I've got a site up and running and will post more content for it in the coming days/weeks/months.This community is great, motivating and inspiring. Positive thoughts and feelings are being heavily indulged in. Thanks to all that have been following me and I know my progress is making me feel better!If anyone has any suggestions to improve the quality of my site or content please feel free to comment or critique.
March 25, 2016
This is clearly a massive issue for a lot of people, myself included.The trouble I find it actually finding the niche that I will be passionate about, that will keep me interested, that can bring all these broad things that I want into one single location.Reading through lots of the material here on WA about niches and I think I'm starting to grasp the issue of over thinking, maybe instead of pondering how far to take a niche, I should just do it and move on and continue and worry what I'm pass
March 23, 2016
So this is basically my first step into an online income stream, due to the cost of living increasing and owning a house in Sydney it will be a very long time before I can own my own home, have the freedom I desire, spend time on myself to learn and grow.I feel that if I can somehow wrap my head around this, I'll learn how to get the full potential of it and share it.I've always had trouble working out what I want to do with my life and with this I hope I'll find the niche or even not-so-niche
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