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I've now been here for exactly half of a year. Following from my review that I conducted one month ago, when I reached five months, I've gone a little further. I have now completed the 1st four levels of certificate courses and Kyle added a fifth one just in time for me to carry on in the learning process. I have continued upgrading my site and it continues to generate a fair amount of traffic and praise. I have also continued meeting a lot of lovely people. The main reason for which I am he
July 31, 2014
For those among us who feel like giving up. Image courtesy
Well, it took me a while but I have finally completed all the certificate courses here. Going through those four courses has been an amazing and invaluable learning experience and I am pleased to have accomplished this milestone. I am very satisfied with the progress of my website at this time. I joined WA knowing absolutely nothing about website building and now I can build a website almost independently. So what's next? Well, I think I'll move on to Bootcamp in the coming days. I don't in
July 14, 2014
So many times we wait for others to come along and make us happy but true happiness is internal. If we aren't happy within ourselves, the happiness others bring will forever be temporary. Don't wait for happiness to come to you but create happiness, from within. Image courtesy
July 06, 2014
Today marks five months since I have been a member at WA. I joined this community knowing absolutely nothing about website building and affiliate marketing. It actually suprised me when I began to learn how simple it is for just about anybody, as long as you have the ability to read, comprehend and execute instructions, to create their very own website in a few hours (if you're really ambitious). So today, as I reflect on the past five months, my evaluation is that I have gained tremendous kn
July 02, 2014
On this day in 1977, a few days later than expected, I made my entrance into this amazing world. I don't know much about the day itself as I've never asked but since, then, life has been really good to me. Today I rejoice and give thanks to God for 37 years of life and I declare 73 more, because 37 more is just not enough. Be blessed
Hello everyone I have not been on here for most of the weekend, hence I have not done any updating of my site. I may try to update a bit later but I'm not sure I'll actually get any done. Life happens, you know, and that's ok. I have actually been occupied preparing for my celebration of life thanksgiving which is scheduled for next Saturday. I will be celebrating my birthday on Wednesday and I have had three near death experiences this year alone so it is necessary that I mark this birthda
Social networking is all around us. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube and the list goes on. Honestly, there are more than I personally want to know about. Just ten years ago all I had was an email account and instant messenger and now I have accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, G + and Pinterest, all for different reasons. I mainly interact with Facebook given that quite a few of the "friends" I have on there are actually friends and I want to keep in touch with them. If used wisely
June 23, 2014
Each time a new person starts following me or when I am welcoming new members, I take the time to read their profiles. Everyone has a story, a situation and a reason for being here. Admittedly, some touch me more than others but all relevant. As I persevere to get my own work here done, I am exhausted sometimes, because it is no easy task. I have to work hard to do what needs to be done here. We all do. In the end, I want to be successful and as I recall the plights and goals of my fellow