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I check Google Analytics regularly to keep up-to-date with the progress of my site and as of today, 34% of my traffic is organic traffic. Of the four sources of traffic presented, it is the highest and about three weeks ago, it was about 27% and producing the second highest volume of traffic. I have learnt a few this from this data. Firstly, it reiterates the fact that if we follow the lessons here at WA, we will succeed because therein lies the evidence that at a few of my keywords are workin
October 06, 2014
Greetings!! Once again, I am here to encourage you to believe in your ability to achieve and to keep going. I keep seeing blogs about people wanting to give up but I know you are stronger than that. Don't be deterred by how much you still have to do but be motivated by how much you have already done. Be blessed Image courtesy
October is domestic violence awareness month. Of course, we need to be aware of domestic violence 365/6 days a year but during this month, there are added efforts to bring awareness to this social ill and to help empower those who are directly affected by it. Let us remember, celebrate and connect. Remember the ones we lost to domestic violence, celebrate the ones who survived and connect with those who are still in need of help. Be aware. Image courtesy
September 20, 2014
As of a few minutes ago, I now have 700 people following me at WA. To all of you, I say thank you. Thank you for the support, encouragement and for believing in me. I am not sure that my following is actually 700 since I am certain that some of those in my network have left or become inactive, but the record says 700 so I acknowledge 700. I look forward to continued growth, support and networking. As always, many blessings and much success to you. Mustard seed
September 19, 2014
I love life, I really, really do and that is one of the reasons why I became a part of WA. Rather than spending the best years of my life confined to an unfulfilling job and workplace, I want to be free to live and enjoy the things the truly matter in life. So I came here in the hope of making a living online, so that I'd be free to live. The thought of living life backwards, going from old to young is so intriguing. Instead of living a life that gradually deteriorates, it would be rather excit
September 16, 2014
Until today, during the past three weeks, I have not added a single new detail to my site. During that time, I have also not upgraded knowledge and skill here by way of completing certificate course 5 or engaging in every other learning tool that is available here. Honestly, I had become a bit tired and bored, so I took some time off. During that time, I enjoyed some "me time" and simply enjoyed life and the simpler things it has to offer. My time off has served me well because now I am back an
According to Oxford Dictionaries, relaxation is "the state of being free from tension and anxiety". As much as possible, I aspire to be in this state and I have a feeling most if not all of you do as well. In our fast paced world, however, this does not come by easily for most of us. In our best efforts to balance work, family, our personal needs and all other aspects of life that make demands on us, relaxation is something that must be pursued. Among a handful of things I do to maintain a b
August 18, 2014
I just keep wanting to encourage you to persist, persevere, never give up. Sometimes your breakthrough requires just one more effort, just one more. I tell you this not for your persuits at WA only, but for your life persuits in general. Be blessed Image courtesy
I discovered this article entitled "15 Things Highly Confident People DON'T Do" and thought I'd share it with you. Now, it's not a scientific article, but I think many of these points make a lot of sense. I am actually characterised by most of these but I particularly like points 2, 7, 10, and 12. What thinks you?
August 12, 2014
It is a common and instinctive practise that we ask people how they are when we encounter them. Most people respond with "I'm ok", "I'm alright" and similar sentiments. Often times, they are not "ok" or "alright" and many times, the one who asked does not really want to know how they really are anyway. It is just courtesy question. As I reflect on the suicidal death of renowed comedian Robin Williams, I am left considering just how "not ok" people sometimes are, even when they appear to be or