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Last Update: October 03, 2012
This is my first post and I know I am little late in setting up the blog (1 year to be precise) but I wasn't around in most of last year.

I want to concentrate on building up my online property and more importantly Earn Money Online.

My Target for this Month (October) is

1) Find out the 3 Niches that I am interested in and off course has the potential to make money
2) Build blogs, website around it
3) Get Quality back links (I will follow Jay for this)
4) Write 15 Articles on relevant topics and make sure all of them get approved in Street Articles (as it is the toughest site to get approved)
5) Get my first Sale

Please suggest if i am missing anything here.
I am desperate to get successful as I have taken a loan to be able to remain member of this forum and pursue my dream of becoming online marketer.

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Labman Premium
Even posting in Craigslist or the news forums (both are free) will get your stuff seen more. I think this is still covered in the 30 day program, been a while since I was in that one.
TJ Books Premium
It looks like you have the write idea but consider buying a few ads in newsletters/ezines in your niche for faster action. John
Rea Premium
Welcome back ... Good luck in your journey to building up your online property..
Don't worry if your have missed anything out.... you can always add anything else that crops up as you go along...To Success!! ..Love this quote, i think it applies to most of us.. "Success is not an Accident". -Paul Evans.