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Last Update: May 29, 2013
Hi WA,
I had been doing some experiments with the Keywords, medium and the content.

I had recently selected a product A Bestselling product from Amazon "Crest 3D Whitestrips" and Tried searching for Keywords in WA Keyword tool.I have selected few keywords such as 3d white 10 rebate, crest 3d white coupons, crest 3d white review, crest 3d white reviews, Crest 3D Whitestrips.

I wrote a Review Blog and in next 2 weeks I have received 27 unique pageviews but no sale. by the way my blog in listed on first page for "3d white 10 rebate"
I need some help in deciding
1) if I should book a domain and create a website for the product review
2) spend time writing articles, posts for links
3) spend money for PPC, newsletter ads etc

Can somebody please help me with the decision?

Thanks & Regards

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georama Premium
I had gone through your questions and had visited your blog which is impressive. My sincerest advice to you is that you must spend time writing articles and very soon you may come across lurative offers.
Therafter proceed in a big way as per your plan mentioned as no1n2. Get going
RonnyG Premium
OK Mugs...lets see if I can help...

1. Street Articles is owned and operated by Kyle & Carson the founders of WA..I know them to be fair and honest men...So PM them and see what your options are...Also there are many other articles directories that you can submit your articles...Ezine Articles is one of the biggest....

1a). If you follow the teachings here at WA you will find that back linking is not that necessary and in fact may be detrimental to your ranking with the last Google update just a week ago. The key is picking your KW correctly using the guidelines set forth here at WA.

2. I know I recommended back-links in my first reply! but I also recommended building your site out...meaning picking KW the way WA suggests and then writing post/pages for those and using the proper interlinking of pages and post...Again follow the teachings here at WA for that also...Hope this helps...questions? just ask..
RonnyG Premium
Hey Mugs....Congrats on ranking on the first page...Nice KW....You might consider getting your link too Amazon higher in the post...maybe between the 1st and 2ed paragraph with something like... Get your $10 Crest 3d white rebate HERE...or something like that.

I would spend time writing articles, posts and getting links..You could get you a siterubix site and free domain here...and use your blogger for back-link...However you are already ranking on page one...maybe just build that site out..

Also do what you need to get higher on page 1....This one should be a winner for you...Nice going.
MugsK Premium
Thanks Ronny. I am also thinking of building a site. But i have another issue, the streetarticle has blocked my account and also unable to open new one. Dont know why. But for me getting backlinks using articles has become vert difficult. Do u know how cani get my account started.