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Plucking along the training within WA and getting a feel for things on the platform. First off, I really enjoy the platform and will be upgrading to annual very soon. The value in the hosting alone makes it well worth the price of admission.I am in section three of the training (the money portion) yay. Anyways, I have a couple really good ideas for monetizing my site and a niche that I will be creating that is definitely my passion. I will not quit until I make the money my family deserves.No o
May 17, 2018
Website is up, and I have the frameworks laid out. I just got done with the module one training and I continue to be impressed in the value of WA. Jaaxy is a very great tool, and that alone is almost worth the entire years cost.I am excited to continue module two and continue building my site out =)Cheers,Michael
Continuing my journey though the WA affiliate program. I continue to be inspired by the potential of what a successful online business would mean. It would mean that I can start working towards financial independence. It would mean I could spend more time with my spouse, friends, and family.Do we live and work every day just to survive? I don't want to just barely get by and "survive" I want to thrive =)Quick sidenote, I am very impressed with the hosting features that WA has put together. Very
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Happy Mothers day to all the moms out there. Hope ya'll are having a great week. Been working my day job this weekend, but come Monday it's back to work on my business with WA. More training, and building my first website here with WA. I have a lot of experience designing and creating websites, and I also love blogging, so I am hoping this will be the best of both worlds (and create an income too). Have a great rest of the weekend, and I will share my experience with you all on Monday =)
May 11, 2018
Another day, another day of learning. I am excited to get my first affiliate site with WA up and running and create quality content to help get it ranked in Google. Fortunately for me, I have a bit of a SEO background, so that should help me get ranked in Google quicker, aka get my business with WA up and running sooner.Short blogs, but sweet blogs. Have a prosperous day and a great weekend.
I took the leap to a premium membership today. Why you might ask? I love the community so far here at WA, and I believe the training I have done so far is well laid out and I am excited to continue the training and learn even more.I have a background in web design, marketing, and SEO, so I believe this will be the training and the community I need to help put it all together. Plus I am excited to share my experience with the WA community, I believe that when you help someone achieve what they w