The Best Way To Write A Profitable Blog Post.DONT!

Last Update: December 20, 2019

Hey Guys! Hope everyone is feeling ready and able to make great strides in ther business this week.

So you may be wondering why I've entitled this blog post as 'the best way to write a profitable blog post...don't!' I know, its a little dangerous to make such a statement and you might be thinking; 'is she trying to tell us not to create valuable content on our blogs?'

Rest assured, that couldnt be farther from the truth, in fact its quite the opposite, so let me give you some background....

The Book

In 2016, I decided quite early on that I was going to write a shor novel and self publish it through amazon. I wasnt sure what the book was going to be about, I had several written drafts from my many attempts over the previous 3 years. However I quickly realised that my passion for all things 'Law of Attraction' and 'Personal Development' was resonating with my following on instagram; as i would post images with lengthy captions, encouraging them to view life in a more instrospective way which garnered many likes, shares and comments.

I realised quickly that I was not monetizing on the traction of my posts and to be honest I had much more to say and share but was not ready to start another blog, so I decided to write a book instead.

I met with a published novelist who was happy to edit my book and the rest is history.

The Process

As I was writing, my biggest stumbling block was 'keeping up with the momentum' (no pun intended). I'd have days where the words flowed easily and other days where, the words wouldnt seem to translate on paper in the same way they did in my mind.

It was very frustrating; as the thoughts I had, seemed to make so much sense. But by the time I went to put pen to paper I'd forget what I just thought and couldnt reposition my mind to recreate what was a beautiful point or phrase that needed to be told 'just as'.

The Moment It Came Together (thanks Google)

I was doing one of my usual 50 google searches for that day, and as always 30 of those were voice searches.....the 'aha' moment happened almost simultaneously!

I realised that my thoughts were rarely misconstrued when I spoke them as they came. Just as a google voice search, If I somehow recorded my thoughts as they came; I could make a point, develop that point and never 'miss a beat'.

I did a video of my technique and more about how and why this method has been a game changer for me

The Finished BOOK

'From Little Acorns Grow A Forest' is the finished 30k worded Novella. How? I simply used the voice to text feature on my phone and completed my first ever published novel in less time than most people take to write their 10k thesis.

Is the service the most sophisticated service available, absolutely not! There were a few spelling errors and grammar spelt as words (comma instead of ,) but just like a video, all of the little annoyances could easily be rectified in the editing process within a matter of some minutes or a few hours.

Is it a masterpeice or a bestselling novel.....Nope! But it was my first attempt and I'm very proud of this as an accomplishment & I still make passive income from it to this day!

Ps. I wrote this in the third year of my business degree - whilst also completeing my thesis phew!


This book took me 5 months from start to completion and publish date of 19 Feb 2017, all thanks to speaking my words instead of writing them.

If you can take anything from this post, its that no matter how you get the content out there, the most important thing is that you Do. If for any reason 'pen to paper' isn't easy, or you have the dreaded 'writers block', consider voice to text for those of us who are rarely short on words.

I hope this helps...

Happy Blogging


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Lyle-P Premium
Great post and a clever title. Nice tips for using technology AND for creating content that resonates with you first and then your audience.

It’s inspiring to know how much you accomplished while you were busy with school. It also gives me ideas for using the post content I’m already creating to plan an ebook.

Thank you!
MTavernier Premium
Thank you for the great feedback.

I would definitely recommend using your content for ebooks, as a free marketing tool to grow your list and as a digital product to sell.

Stay Connected, tell me how you get on!

BruceStephen Premium
Thanks Marie for the informative post. I never thought of doing voice to text but I will give it a try. I assume that it would need a bit of practce.

Also congrats on publishing a book I hope it does well for you.

Regards Bruce
MTavernier Premium
Cheers Bruce. The feature is pretty straight forward, maybe speak a little slower than usual, other than that it should be fine.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I've also thought about voice to text too--glad it worked out for you, I might have to give it a try!

CSheesley Premium
Great suggestion! I've actually been using text to speech to right my own novel, which I hope to publish sometime in 2020. I can attest to how effective it is when writing.
MTavernier Premium
I wish you all the best with your is a great tool and sometimes forgotten for even the smallest of writing jobs.