Desperate For Advice. I can't take no more of going nowhere

Last Update: June 10, 2019

I have been with WA for 4 years now. I have 2 websites and I am going nowhere. Please don't tell me to go back to the teachings. lol. I started out with a blog website and now I have been trying to put my affiliates on there, but I can't seem to get it to look right.

I wanted to set the other website as a store. It's not turning out either.
I can't do coding.
I have added plugins and deleted plugins so many times that I don't know whats what anymore.

I have customizr pro theme with nimble builder and Wooccomerce. I am just starting
to figure out how they work.Some what.

My site says i am at 70% on active plugins and I haven't even added forms or social media yet.
I put a contact form on my horse site using the nimble builder and it put it as a top post and it is big. I was going to try it as a page because I don't know how to add it to sidedbar with the builder.

Right now I am not getting any traffic on either site. I have had times where I didn't work on it because I just couldn't take the disappointment anymore. I don't have any money to put into any plugins or ads. I haven't asked for comments or feedbacks because of all the issues and it just feels like deadends when i try to do something else to improve my sites.

Can someone please help me with any advise on what I can do to turn this around?

I am bout to throw it out because of putting money into and ettin nothin back.

Thanks Michelle

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JeannineC Premium
I just looked at your horse site, and i think you have a great foundation there. It needs more and constant content to compete with the other horse sites out there. You know your stuff. Just keep sharing it and you will start attracting readers.

Feel up to adding a post a couple of times a week? Don't make yourself crazy about keywords - look for things which are hot topics right now. What is everyone talking about in the horse world? What do you think is important to share?

Continuing to add content will firmly establish you as an expert, and that's what readers like to see. Small sites can be written by someone just doing research. Sites with lots of content indicate someone who really knows their stuff = someone who can be trusted = someone who's buy recommendations should be followed.

You are well on your way. Keep adding content, which costs you only time, and your site will grow and succeed.
mtatar Premium
Thank you. I will take a step back and try to get my focus back where it was before. I did have like 6 or 7 posts on the first page in google before I fell into trying to set it up like an affiliate store. I was listening to other people saying that was the way to make money. Thank you again. you helped me feel better
JeannineC Premium
You'll do far better having text affiliate links in your articles to the items you are discussing. That's how you can make money with your site. Don't give up, you're actually off to a great start!
RuthlynB Premium
Hi have you asked Kyle or Jay to look at your site and make suggestions I know they are busy but I know they want you to be successful so I think they will help.
mtatar Premium
No, actually I haven't asked them. That is good advice. Can you believe I never thought about them? lol Thank you
JKulk1 Premium
Hi Michelle. My site states I'm at 100% on active plugins. Take no notice of these stats. My sight is simple and very fast to load. If you want info on good plugins(It's only the bad ones that slow down your webpage) check out Zeds training at Smartkateer. He's brilliant.
Don't chuck it in now, you've come to far. Check out all your blogs and make sure the keywords and information provided is up to date. Maybe ask Zed if he"s willing to have a close look at your site and give you some pointers on improving it.
What ever you for 'DON'T GIVE IN'.
If you email me your website's I'll have a look and give you my honest opinion. Jim
mtatar Premium
Thank you for sharing this information. I will take your advice and hopefully, I can overcome all these frustrations and succeed.
RobFore Premium
Pick ONE product to sell. Feature that content on ONE page and make it easy for visitors to buy it. You don't need a fancy shopping cart... a bazillion plugins or anything like that. Simple blog post... buy button... and a way to deliver what they bought.

Set that up.

NOW go figure out how to get traffic to that page and make sales. Once you makes sales for that ONE product... start adding more products, pages, etc.

Sounds like a lot of getting ready to get ready during the past four years. ONE product. ONE page. ONE button. Deliver. THEN spend all day everyday figuring out how to sell that ONE thing.
mtatar Premium
I am so focused on trying to achieve that I think I lost my way. I think you are right I am doing too many different things at once and it is starting to clash. Thank you so much
Vickic3 Premium
How many posts have you got on each site?
Have you done a google fetch for each post
Are you using meta tags for each post
I am not familiar with the plug ins you are using. I used what is suggested with the training and added social media way back in the early days of building as this help with traffic.
mtatar Premium
My horse site has about 26. My cat and do products site is new. I am just starting to build it. Yea they are not listed on google. Before I got all tangled up in this affiliate store thin, I had quite a few of my posts on the first page of google.

Losing my focus and switching out all the plugins trying to make what I thought was better. It wasn't. Yea I used meta tags. I may have to use the plugins on the training too. Thank you for letting me know that.