Some Like it HOT!

Last Update: August 07, 2020

Here in the UK today we are expecting for temperatures to hit 37 C.


In the UK that is an amazing temperature and because of the levels of humidity here, it will be unbearable for most.

Trust an Englishman to complain about the best day of the year so far.

Don't Get me wrong I love a sunny day and I am sure that it will be great but, not very productive.


This is where perspective comes up and slaps me around the face. Some of you guys in other parts of the world will think that 37 c is a cool day and not understand why I would consider it hot. In other parts of the world people will be amazed that 37 C even exists and they will be praying for hot days. Other people will not have seen rain for years.

2 days ago it was 31 C and we still had a spot of light rain (Good Old England).

The WA Part

This got me thinking about WA. We are Affiliate marketeers and as such we should not just be thinking of localised or even national approaches. If we are talking to the world then we should try to visualise in our own minds, how our actions and reviews would appear to a global market.

We can of course aim our reviews at localised markets, for instance my MTB website is aimed at Cycling in the UK. I did this because it is a very saturated niche and I did not really see how I could compete on a global market.

Here at WA we are given an amazing arsenal of marketing weapons and tactics which allow us to reach out across the globe and communicate with a mass market. We should take the opportunity to succeed.

As for my Hot Sunny Day

Well my computer is already struggling with the heat and My dog has curled up in a cool spot and given up on the day. I think I will join him and soak up the sunshine while drinking cool drinks and listening to summer music.

This Business will still be here tomorrow!

Thanks for reading

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BillandSue Premium
HI Mark,
I don't have my C to F temp calculator but anytime heat is associated with humidity it is miserable. In Arizona we are spoiled, we may have high temps (over 100F since May) but little or no humidity.

Enjoy your sunshine, it is a blessing. I enjoy the blessings of the Wealthy Affiliate community every day. It is wonderful to be able to communicate with so many fine friends or maybe just listen.

I am starting to realize that we should never be down by thinking our niche is saturated for if we follow the teachings of Kyle, we will get that good ranking on Google or Bing and Yahoo.

So much to be thankful for. Enjopy your sunny weekend.

gnoose Premium
You brought up a good point about perspective Mark, and how our writings might look to others outside of the authors country or local market. I agree it's something we should give a care to. 37 is a high temp for those who aren't used to it as a normal thing, especially when there is high humidity. Here in the high desert, temps like this are normal. We have just come out of a period, almost 2 weeks, with temps around 40 or 45. Even with very low humidity, this was crazy.

LMH1968 Premium Plus
That is nearly unheard of for the UK.
Thank you very much for sharing 🤩
zinniabreeze Premium
I think it's the too hot of days and too cold of days I take advantage of the most to be at my computer and accomplish extra! On those days, I can stay inside and control the temperature! It's the nice days I spend in the sun, hiking, gardening or just sitting with a cold drink!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very good, Mark! And feel free to complain about your weather all you want! I always complain about mine! 😎