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Last Update: August 04, 2020

Hi WA WAmily. Happy Tuesday

Lets celebrate the Tuesdayness of the day.

If you read my blog the other day, you will know that I am in the process of taking over of a physical business.

I am looking forward to the challenge of it all and I am hoping that it will kick 2020 in the backside.

Feeling very positive about everything today.

I want your opinion (Especially the Blog Dogs)

I spend a lot of my time as a graphic designer and I have developed some great logo's and brand identities over the years.

I now need a re launch of my own Brand Identity. This is going to go for everything to do with the business. I am keeping my logo which is very basic and clean but, I want to make everything stand out.

I have a black standard van which basically was purchased to blend in when working for other clients and head office. Now that I will be a standalone business I need to stand out. I have designed this van layout. It is basic and clean but also bright.

Let me know what you think.

Now for the Learning WA part of this blog.

As with everything in physical and online business, image is everything.

The van is often a good place to start although not everyone has corporate vehicles. Most companies will design from logo to Business card, then Stationary and so on. This is just the natural development of small business.

In my personal and professional opinion, it is wise to consider all options when you are developing a corporate identity.

The image that we create needs to be transferable across different medias.

To match everything up and create a fluid image is the goal. This way the company will get recognized through a visual element rather than just words.

You may think that this approach is for the big corporations but, remember they were also small companies once.

As always your opinion matters to me as you are a global audience and I feel you are all a better test bed than my friends and family.

Thanks for reading.

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Anne68 Premium
Great design Mark. Very clear and eye catching info.

I get behind other vans in traffic and just can't read the small print, or there is so much on there that my brain can't capture it before the traffic stats moving again.

The colours and design will grab people's attention too.

Well done.

Anne x
David303 Premium
I love the colours but it doesn't say anything about what you produce. On the bottom of the rear doors you could mention 3D Signage etc and also beneath the Graphics on the side. On your website it tells you what you produce. i feel some of that should be on your van. That's my view. I hope you don't mind.
All the best
mstewardit Premium
I don't mind at all. I will not put much info on the actual van.
It is more of a graphic device which will direct people to the website.

It will have some detail but in general it will be a moving sign board. Small details can't be seen at speed.
David303 Premium
Fair shout Mark and totally agree with the speed thing but what about those pondering behind you stuck on the M25 ? Anyway, looks pretty cool to me. Good skills mate.
gnoose Premium
I like it Mark, and here's my take. The yellow stripe is curved, great element. I see it as many things, a line of distinction, moving forward, demarcation highlighting both company name and website. Placement of your phone number is spot on for many reasons. Good presentation on the back of the van as well. Your vision and tent shine, thats important.

mstewardit Premium
Well done Greg. You actually took note of the design elements. I am impressed.

HowardFF Premium Plus

I really like the design of the van, especially that the URL is prominent and easy to remember. I believe that will help you find customers.

One suggestion: I, too, am helping my wife on her art business, and we found Donald Miller's "StoryBrand" process SUPER helpful. It's all about looking at your business from the customer's viewpoint. Check it out online; I think you might one or two helpful take-aways.

Cheers (and good luck!),

mstewardit Premium
Hi Howard.

I will check it out. Thanks for the tip.


spurway Premium Plus

The Van looks good the colours nice and flowing.
One thing I would ad is create one line slogan what your business is about. You have to also think what you want to achieve, when people see your van it should be kept in their memory with a nice slogan that is a great advert for you.
I give you an example my friend went with me in the car and in front of us was a van with a slogan. I did not make a connection but my friend did as her husband just fixed the dishwasher so badly that they had to call a plumber. When she saw that slogan she wrote down immediately in her phone the number totally excited saying next time I call him first before I ask my husband to fix it.
Here is the slogan...
"We repair what your husband fixed." call us xxxxx(plumbing company)"
Mastercard also has a great slogan
There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard.
Mc Donalds has a slogan
Maybeline has a slogan.

Just an idea.

One more question....

What does the M stand for as it says Display graphics.
mstewardit Premium
Originally the Company was set up as part of a big company. The section it was under was called Design and Media Solutions. I found this too long for this kind of worked so I just abbreviated to DMS Graphics. It has worked over the years and until last year it was relatively successful turning over £250,000 per year. Then the world fell apart and Covid was the final nail for my Boss.

He could no longer afford the loss and has offered me a chance to start again. So it will stay DMS.