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Last Update: April 12, 2020

This has been such a busy day. I have got so much done today.

It is a lazy Easter Sunday here in the UK and the weather in the south of England has been amazing.

I started my day by painting the fences in the front garden. Then I jet washed the drive.

Next I logged on to WA and wrote an article about a nice shinny race bike. I then went through my business Facebook page and added Hashtags to my key articles.


I have written articles on the importance of Hashtags but guess what. I thought Facebook did not use them. I am stupid because they do. I add Hashtags on all my other social media platforms. You learn something new everyday.

Then I decided to say hello to all the new people and say congratulations to people who have had success today.

Of course I welcomed loads of new premium members and I rad some Interesting blogs.

Next I decided to go and do some site comments so that I could ask for site comments.


Then it was BBQ time and because of the lock down this is the 4th BBQ this week. I love a BBQ.

Then it was into the garden to enjoy the sun and drink coffee. What a day.

Then I thought I would write a blog to you guys and here it is. It turns out that this is my 231st Blog on WA

What am I saying?

It is easy to give up, especially in times like these but, there is no need for you to give up on life just because it has changed. Fill your day with productivity and relaxation in equal measures.

Do those jobs that you have been putting off. Go and write that fantastic article about that latest thing. If you are bored then jump on here and comment on some of these great blogs that people write. I find these blogs contain a load of information.

Say hello to the new people and even jump on live chat and try to answer questions.

Tomorrow is not promised

Live,, love, laugh TODAY as tomorrow you may not be here. Enjoy your life and do something special for yourself and others.



Thanks for reading

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AlexandraT11 Premium
Hey Mark, well done it sounds like you had a great weekend, a perfect mix of productivity and rest.

The weather has been glorious hasn't it - although right now we have the loudest thunder and lightning across the whole sky, but no rain as of yet.

Have a great week Mark and thanks for the post!
mstewardit Premium
It is still warm and dry here. Been a great day.
I hope you are having lots f fun and chocolate.
AlexandraT11 Premium
Yes we had lots of fun thanks and I had one Easter Egg before I start my fitness regime tomorrow.

Well we've just had one hell of a storm but it's passed now. It's supposed to be back down to 7-8 degrees again this week - totally bizarre weather. At least it might keep everyone inside!

Have a great week Mark.
Turner98 Premium
Have a great Day
mstewardit Premium
Audiist Premium
Sorry Mark, I saw your grill, and it's fueled by "gas" so it really doesn't qualify as BBQ. Lol
It is the same as cooking in your kitchen, except you can get wet if its raining.
A real BBQ requires the burning of charcoal to add flavor into your choice of meat. Sometimes a secondary wood can be added too.
Yes, gas is more convenient, but just not a BBQ. Rather a "gas grill".
Many here also misstate their grill, and there IS a difference. When you decide to get a kettle or any airtight grill of some sort, using lump charcoal you'll understand, and perhaps appreciate, my perspective.
Hey, there's a niche idea for someone! ...
mstewardit Premium
I always had Charcoal BBQ's in the past and you are correct this is classed as an outdoor grill. It does use lava roack and I put a smoker box in it.

I got jealous of a guy at work who would go home and spark up so I jumped in. We never know when we are going to get good weather.

I will always call it a BBQ as it is a habit.

We are just lucky enough to have some dry days to cook on.

Audiist Premium
No need to be jealous of his time, when you can have taste. And, there's some ways to get up to temp in about 15 min. Hopefully, we'll all enjoy lots of good BBQ weather in the coming months.
Pardon the distraction, I wanted to take the opportunity to tease on a fun topic during craziness in our world.
Be well,
Audiist Premium
I thought that "grilling on the barbie" was an Aussie activity; I'd never encountered a Brit fan. It's certainly popular in the States with many different faves.
Happy Easter to you and best wishes for success here on WA!
mstewardit Premium
Oh we adapt in the UK. Nice outside area and a retractable canopy to catch the rain. Weather is great now.

Happy Easter
lucbizz Premium
Thanks for this info ,was not aware either of hashtags on other social media then twitter.
mstewardit Premium
Sorry if you get two replies on this. I did one and it disappeared. I was aware of the other platforms using them but, facebook never crossed my mind.