Goodbye Everybody

Last Update: October 05, 2020

Goodbye to all you Wonderful WA WArriors.

The time has come for me to leave WA. The last year with WA has been great and I have enjoyed working on my sites and meeting all you lovely people out there.

Now that I have a business in the real world, I need to concentrate 150% of my time on developing new ways out of the economic slump.

WA Has helped

Believe me when I tell you that without WA, I would not be looking at my future in the same way. Although I did not make a lot of money here on WA, the lessons that I learned enabled me to make money in the physical world.

My business is now up and running and making money, hopefully I will make it through the current global situation and become more profitable afterwards.

I have already closed 3 of my sites and I will be transfering my MTB site to a new hosting platform soon. This is theonly site that I will carry on running. I do however have two new websites dedicated to graphic design and vehicle branding.

The lessons I learned here have made these two sites possible.

Thank you to all my friends and contacts.

Have a great Life.

Thanks for reading

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Wingrunner Premium
Hey, Mark, I hope you're still checking back in -- I'm doing the revolving door thing with you, I guess. Just found your work and followed you. I'm glad you've left some posts for me and others to read. Hope you and your business will do well during this slump.

Keep well,
CarlaNavarro Premium Plus
Hi Mark, hate to see you leave, but this platform does offer us the ability to grow, and follow our own personal dreams.

The training you get here is amazing, and we should implement the information however we need to to follow our dreams.

Wishing you much success, on your websites and your business.

Happy Holidays with your family, and stay tough!!!

Anne68 Premium
Glad you're making money Mark. Are you sure though that WA couldn't give you ideas and ways to develop new ways out of the economic slump? Would be a shame to leave if there is some value to be had.

Whatever you decide, I wish you well in your endeavours.

Anne. xxx
Freedomseekr Premium
Sorry to see you go Mark, but it's awesome to hear you're doing well with your new business!

I call that a success in my opinion...what you learned here has helped you with starting your business in the physical world. Something some here are working towards as well, not just affiliate marketing. I also plan on doing both eventually.

Wishing you much success in your new sites and business venture!

Best wishes :) ~Sherry
Kilife Premium
Good luck