Excited and Disappointed

Last Update: April 14, 2020

I was Buzzing this morning when another one of those emails turned up.

You know the ones that say welcome?

Welcome to our Affiliate Program from and decent Looking affiliate for my Health Site. I went straight online t6o have a look at what I would write about today. They have loads of product lines and it is all pro level fitness gear.

I was thinking lets get my thang on.

Then as I browsed their site looking at all the top end goodies, I started to notice a problem. Everything is out of stock. I mean almost every decent product line was out of stock.

The Banner

At the top of their page was a banner explaining to customers that due to the pandemic, they had limited stock.

Stock Holding

This is a problem I have in the real world business and I guess they are in the same position. Because their products are professional big ticket items, they do not hold stock and must order from manufacturer when required.

I must admit It was quite disappointing and I did not see the point of writing articles about products that are unavailable at the moment.

What would you do?

I would love to hear what you think. Should I write the articles and hope for some future movement or do I leave it until they are out of the woods? This is a long game and I guess I should pick some products and write some articles and maybe point out about supply disruption.

They seem like a good affiliate program and I would like to strike while the iron is hot.

Thanks for reading.

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Deatrice Premium
Hi Mark,
I say CUT UM LOOSE AND MOVE ON. You simply can't sell products that aren't there and no matter how disappointing it is, you can't change that fact. I'm sure you can find the same products sold by a different company that does have what you are looking for in stock. How is it going to help anyone, including yourself, by putting unavailable products on your website? It could even make you loose some of the customers you already have. It's basically your website and your choice but, personally, I'd just thank them and move on.

Rustymh Premium
Rest assured most things will return to normal, I guess nobody knows exactly when. If you have confidence the company can survive and still be able to restock I would certainly keep writing the articles. Just explain the obvious reason for the shortages (most people will understand this). Go for it Mark
AlexandraT11 Premium
I agree with Gene, Mark. At some point stock is going to get through and you want to have everything in place for when it is. Maybe mention the stock issues but ask for emails for them to be notified when stocks are replenished? Then they get a reminder about the product they were interested in??
EHR Premium
I suspect you are right about striking while the iron is hot. This has to end some time. You will already have your articles up and people excited to buy. Gene
Linda103 Premium
Write the articles now Mark, tell people you will let them know the minute those items are back in stock. A good reason for them to sign up to emails from you.
Change your pop up to say, 'sign up for instant emails to let you know when items are back in stock'. Its a service they will be glad of. You are offering to solve a problem.
Good luck.
AlexandraT11 Premium
Great minds think alike Linda 🤣