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October 05, 2020
Goodbye to all you Wonderful WA WArriors.The time has come for me to leave WA. The last year with WA has been great and I have enjoyed working on my sites and meeting all you lovely people out there.Now that I have a business in the real world, I need to concentrate 150% of my time on developing new ways out of the economic slump.WA Has helpedBelieve me when I tell you that without WA, I would not be looking at my future in the same way. Although I did not make a lot of money here on WA, the l
August 07, 2020
Here in the UK today we are expecting for temperatures to hit 37 C.WOW!In the UK that is an amazing temperature and because of the levels of humidity here, it will be unbearable for most. Trust an Englishman to complain about the best day of the year so far. Don't Get me wrong I love a sunny day and I am sure that it will be great but, not very productive.PerspectiveThis is where perspective comes up and slaps me around the face. Some of you guys in other parts of the world will think that 37 c
August 04, 2020
Now there is a question to ask.DO YOU WORK FOR NOTHINGI say nothing because I don't actually believe that we work FREE. There is always something to be achieved in every situation.I have been doing some advertising and fundraising for a UK based Greyhound Rescue Shelter called Kent Greyhound Rescue.I do not charge them for this as.1/ They did not ask me to do it.2/ I rescued a dog with them3/ I think it is an important charity4/ I get an overwhelming feeling of self being from helping.PodgeI po
August 04, 2020
Hi WA WAmily. Happy TuesdayLets celebrate the Tuesdayness of the day. If you read my blog the other day, you will know that I am in the process of taking over of a physical business.I am looking forward to the challenge of it all and I am hoping that it will kick 2020 in the backside.Feeling very positive about everything today.I want your opinion (Especially the Blog Dogs) I spend a lot of my time as a graphic designer and I have developed some great logo's and brand identities over the years.
Well My friends out in WA Land I hope the WAnderers and WArriors are all still part of the WAmily.How is it all going for you? I won't lie to you but, 2020 has not really been my year. Actually 2020 has not been anybodies year has it? I have not blogged on here in a while and in fact I have not been blogging much at all. This has been due to illness (NOT COVID) and life pressures but, we all have life pressures.Why am I writing Today? I want to tell you a story about a middle-aged Graphic Desig
June 11, 2020
Hello my lovely WA community. I hope the sun is shinning on you and that you get everything you deserve today.I have just been researching and writing an article for my pet website. I must admit it has left me a little shocked and shaken. This is something that does not happen to me often.Why?Well I have adopted a Greyhound and I thought that I would do some free advertising for the Charity that found him. I decided to go down the route of why it is important to adopt an animal like a greyhound
Well Hello EVERYONE out there in the lovely WA multiverse. How are you all doing? It has been ages since I posted here on WA and in fact I have not logged on for over a month. Lock Down has been a very strange time for me in the UK. I have had my usual mixture of illness and work. I am furloughed off from my actual day job until at least JULY which came as a bit of a shock to my system. Of course my wife saw this as an opportunity to give me loads of work to do. I have completely painted the ou
April 14, 2020
I was Buzzing this morning when another one of those emails turned up. You know the ones that say welcome? Welcome to our Affiliate Program from and decent Looking affiliate for my Health Site. I went straight online t6o have a look at what I would write about today. They have loads of product lines and it is all pro level fitness gear. I was thinking lets get my thang on.Then as I browsed their site looking at all the top end goodies, I started to notice a problem. Everything is out of stock.
April 12, 2020
This has been such a busy day. I have got so much done today.It is a lazy Easter Sunday here in the UK and the weather in the south of England has been amazing.I started my day by painting the fences in the front garden. Then I jet washed the drive. Next I logged on to WA and wrote an article about a nice shinny race bike. I then went through my business Facebook page and added Hashtags to my key articles. #HashtagsI have written articles on the importance of Hashtags but guess what. I thought
April 11, 2020
I would like to start this by saying I am not religious and this is not a religious post although there is some religious undertone for comparison. Easter is a Great Niche Easter obviously is not an online niche but it can be compared to what we are doing here at Wealthy Affiliate. All around the world, we have many faiths all believing whatever they believe but, the giving of Chocolate and presents at Easter has now transcended religion in the same way that Christmas has.The idea of a Savior d