Looking For The Answers, My Questions Post. (Will update when a question pops up)

Last Update: May 28, 2019

Questions I would like to figure out for my curosity <3 :and of course sponge Knowledge lol <3 I also will come back and put the answers in when I come across the answers myself :-)

#1 Can we have more than one niche website?

#2 Can we have one website with multiple niches within that website?

#3 Is our niche website like a blog website just upgraded?

#4 What does one person do if that person has more then one passion to talk/share about?

#5 Is coaching considered a niche (beachbody)?

#6 How do we upgrade each badge on WA and is there a time limit to reach that badge?

That s all I can think of right now..I definitly be back when I have more questions I need answered ..Thanks to all that help me out > Blessed be <3

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emilyonline Premium
I'm only helping with part of your questions, but can I very strongly suggest you stick to ONE niche on ONE site.
It is SO much work building a website, it can take months if not longer, to make it profitable. I'm not trying to scare you off, it's just a lot of work.
If you follow the training here you will definitely succeed, but just do one site or you will spread yourself too thin and get nowhere.
Once your first site is up and running and you're happy with where it's at, that is a good time to try building another.
However, if you feel like your first site just isn't working for you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with leaving it and trying another. Just do one at a time.
I've been around here since 2015 and used to try and do 4 sites. I've left all of those. I started a new project this year, focusing on one site, and it's already more profitable than all those others put together. Just by focusing on one.
AnnieSco Premium
Well, that covers all but #4. I am a person with multiple passions & WAY too much to talk about! Lol. I just signed up a week ago & I already have 2 sites. One of them is for kid's & teen advice & info articles, & the other is an atheist advocacy & anti-theist content. I intend to have many more! Have fun in your journey of discovery!
MsSennaMarie Premium
how did you get those up so quickly? so my niche can be whatever I want to share basically? Or help people get more knowledge on? but how would that create revenue? How does yours create revenue if its advice and info articles and content?
AnnieSco Premium
Really great questions!

Okay, so when I started a week ago Kyle & his massively helpful tutorial videos told me to pick a niche that I'm interested in & passionate about. For a really long time, years really, I've wanted to start an advice blog, so that is the niche I chose. I followed his instructions on using Jaaxy & writing posts.

Then the other day I decided to also buy a domain name for the atheist site bc I was really torn between the 2 niches & I didn't want anyone else to get the name first. Plus, its going to take time to build the sites up to become profitable & if I wait to start the 2nd site until after the 1st is making money already instead of starting them & growing them at the same time then it would take twice as long.

Neither is fully up & running yet but with any luck, after I add the rest of my images today, the first will start to look like a real functional blog!

Then I'll follow the steps to do the same to the 2nd one & I'll grow their content & audience together side by side. I made that choice for myself bc I'm disabled & currently not working so I have the time to do both.

The way they will make money is the exciting part! Once I have traffic coming to my site constantly & Google ranks my articles, there will be people coming to the sites on a regular basis.

At that point, I'll add affiliate ads to the sites. On the advice site I'll have ads for things that kids, teens & parents like & want to click on so when they come to my site they see ads for those things & click on them. When they click the ad or when they buy the product, depending on what kind it is, I'll make money. The same for the other site!

Plus, once I really learn how to do all this well, I'm going to try something called "Rank & Rent". That is when you biuld a site & get consistent traffic to it bc people people are looking for a specific service. When they come to my site looking for, let's say a plumber, I'll have a number for a plumber in their area who has agreed to pay me for every client I seems to them.

There are a lot of different ways to make money! You could also go with the kind of store Kyle showed us in the beginning of the videos where he told us about his friend who sells football helmet bowls. You can pick any product you want & put affiliate links for them on your site & get paid when people buy!

Also you could reveiw different products & put an affiliate link for the ones you recommend! The sky is really the limit!

I hope that helps you to get a better idea of all the different ways you can make money here! Once you realize the potential it's very exciting to think about all the different things you can do to grow your business!

Best of luck to you & feel free to ask me any other questions you may have! The whole community is always here to help!
Cav1966 Premium
Ok to the ones i can answer
#1 yes you can have more than 1 niche site I have 4 in different niches
#2 i dont think more than 1 niche within a site is a good thing..you want to target ur audience to 1 and not leave them confused about what ur site is about.
#3 yes and no..hard to explain yes it can be like a blog but as u build out ur site depending on ur niche it can be a store or a how to manual or or or .
# 5 yes coaching can be a niche in itself narrow it down to what kind of coaching.
# 6 your badges will be upgraded as you go through the traing etc...time limit no ur building a business and this is a marathon not a sprint or a competition with anyone but urself.
Enjoy the journey ..learn something every day..work on ur website doing something everyday and you will see the sky is the limit.
MsSennaMarie Premium
do u have 4 different websites for the 4 niches?
Can within the blog within the niche as I sell?