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June 02, 2019
<3 God, Fate, Whichever it may be <3 There are no mistakes made. We are meant to be where we are meant to be when the time is ready for us to be there <3 I believe this with all my heart. We were all brought here somehow, someway and for many different reasons but in the end, we were brought nice to meet all of you, Just starting off and More experienced Friends of the internet world I look forward seeing all of you succeed. Remember this is not a race it's a chance at learni
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Questions I would like to figure out for my curosity <3 :and of course sponge Knowledge lol <3 I also will come back and put the answers in when I come across the answers myself :-) #1 Can we have more than one niche website?#2 Can we have one website with multiple niches within that website?#3 Is our niche website like a blog website just upgraded?#4 What does one person do if that person has more then one passion to talk/share about? #5 Is coaching considered a niche (beachbody)? #6 Ho
May 26, 2019
I got my first task #1done today :-) 2 more to go <3. For someone that always procrasinates I am happy with myslf to acomplish this today along with some other goals I had on my list of things to do. Time for rest now before I go to work. Good night everyone and have a beautiful Monday...And Happy Memorial Day <3
May 24, 2019
I am glad that I made the choice to be making the next step :-)
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May 20, 2019
Just tired of the struggle and would love to reach my dream of giving my daughters and I a life we well deserve :-)
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