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April 16, 2018
Hello Everybody in WA-Land,Just completed Cert. 4 and I am enjoying the process. I have learned so much in a short amount of time, thanks to the training and all the resourceful people sharing their experiences.I have seen a lot of posts about not seeing results fast enough and sometimes I feel that way too, but I didn't start this journey with a mindset of get-rich-quick! I understand that it takes time to build anything from: Your Body Your Mind Your SpiritWealthand all other things that need
March 04, 2018
Hey Everyone, just completed level 3 certification course! I'm really enjoying learning so much useful info that will help me build the successful online business I'm working so hard to achieve. In the process of completing the tasks, I have published 11 posts in about a month and all but 2 have been indexed. So, I will be making it a goal to improve and refine, to get those both indexed within the next month.Blessings,Marcus
What measures success to you? Money right! What if you were told that you have to sit in a jail cell 24 hrs. a day, everyday until you make $10,000 legally and all you have is a computer(of course high-speed internet). What would you do?Would you keep doing what your doing?What would you change?Would you try harder?What's stopping you from achieving what you want in life?Is it that you don't have the time?Are you scared of success?Do you have a negative attitude?Is it the losers you hang-out w
February 01, 2018
Hey Everyone,I'm completely new to building website content, blogging, and social media. When I found WA it was almost to good to be true, but it just keeps getting better! I have learned how to set up a functional website to help people interested in my niche and it has been indexed into google. So far, so good! My 3 month goal is to continue to create content for my website and start earning income. My 6th month goal is to begin working on another website, probab