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May 10, 2016
Today this has nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate and our wonderful community but more to do with another community of over 80,000 people who all had to be evacuated due to a major forest fire in Northern Alberta Canada. It has been a harrowing experience for everyone there as the fire raged right through the city center. Only two ways out so it was pretty crazy.Some of the pictures shared on Social Media and a few videos were very scarey. Many ran out of gas as the congestion was bad. Th
Not really a Blog today but I signed up for Google Affiliate Alerts and today what came through was awesome!! Via EIN news, It was a Wealthy Affiliate Review on top and done by Pure Residuals, our very own resident affiliate here PJ Germain. Congrats to PJ and his awesome review. Such a cool thing to get in your inbox on a Friday!! BOOM!
April 07, 2016
I have been thinking about this for a few days now and the more I am here and learning the more it makes sense to up-grade to a yearly membership. I had to take into account the great price that I would be getting and being in Canada with a low dollar it only made sense. I am super excited to be here and learning more in just shy of a month than I did in 3 months on another program. Trust me, Wealthy Affiliate IS THE BEST there is, the MOST HONEST and the MOST GENEROUS! If anyone has trie
I am so excited to welcome spring! We can actually see green grass! Bye bye snow!! Of course with spring comes new energy, longer days and sunlight that is actually warm. Today I started My Niche keyword search and got my domain name secured. 10 day break form Affiliate Bootcamp so taking time to do my other.My niche is based around Home Organization tips and trendy fun ways to create storage. I love decorating and coming up with ideas that are fun and don't look like your normal storage i
March 23, 2016
This is quite the journey here at WA and nothing short of a great learning experience. Some days I feel like I am progressing at the pace of a snail and other days I get excited as new ideas pop into my head. I have already learned so much....thank you Kyle for your amazing teaching ability and to ubersuggest and google for making life that much easier. Still working on my sites as I go thru the training but I now have confidence they will be up and visible very soon.It's not a race to the f
March 19, 2016
I found Wealthy Affiliate in a Google Search as I was searching for something that was not complicated and easy to follow and understand. I was in another program but felt completely lost most of the time and on my own. There were communities, but each one was different in that you had to find the group off of the main site. I was feeling overloaded and that is when I thought there has to be another way. Wealthy Affiliate compared to others is so down right Simple, Smart and so user friendly