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Did I say How Much I love WA training and all the community? Wow. You would think after 6 months almost 7 it could get boring. Nope! Not a chance. I have made some mistakes to date, and getting ahead of myself wasn't the best way either. When I welcome people I always say to follow the training and go nice and slow! That is because I royally goofed by getting excited doing too many sites and it set me back Months, not days or weeks but months!So as they say, "Cry me a River, build the damn br
December 31, 2016
Here we are at the end of another year! I love this day as it always gives me hope and it is the day I redefine my goals. I am not a new years resolution kind of person............perhaps because so many never seem to go anywhere. I much prefer goals and writing them down. What I have learned so far is to be very specific when setting any goal, and be realistic with your goals. In other words, dream big, but set goals you have a better chance at achieving rather than NOT achieving. Keep y
December 22, 2016
Tis that season where I get to be really popular with my name on billboards and rooftops, all lit up in pretty lights, so I wanted to share some of that sparkle with each and everyone here at WA. So, MERRY XMAS and the VERY BEST and most SUCCESSFUL 2017!!!!
Today is the beginning of the rest of my life.Today I choose to be successful in all I doToday I choose to make happy habits........Today I choose to be the best I can be.Today I choose to move forward with my lifeToday I choose a simple act of sharing So others who may have private concerns.Can live a life with so much more.Today I know to Slow down To Go FastBelieve in what I know Share with you what I see to be true.With a hope that you will see it too.Today I choose a simple act of sharing
November 24, 2016
I wanted to wish all of our American brothers and sisters a very happy thanksgiving. May you and your family be blessed in all you do. I would like to say "Thank You" for all the help given to me from my American friends here who helped me so many times. You all saved me so much frustration.It doesn't happen often enough anymore where you can be a part of a community like the one we have here. I have been a part of many groups and social pages etc. BUT NONE, not a one of them could hold a c
November 19, 2016
Whoop Whoop!! I made it! One of my goals completed. It was a pleasant surprise to see that number finally. It is always a good feeling to accomplish a goal no matter how big or small, and it means you are on your way to your next.Thanks everyone for allowing me to share this little tiny victory and thank you everyone for liking me along the way as I did my best to offer help and suggestions to you.
November 10, 2016
If there is anything I can share, especially with our new members to make your journey better and more productive IS to NOT get ahead of yourself. As you go along you will see other sites, you will get a lot of great ideas for a niche, and you will jump ahead of your training.It is hard not to get excited and ahead of the game. We are mini entrepreneurs in training and we some times forget to 'slow down to go fast!' When you visit other peoples posts to leave comments and feedback you will s
I very seldom if ever talk about myself and those 'secrets' you keep secret because you don't want anyone to think less of you. Maybe it has something to do with how I was raised and it was just NOT okay to be you just went on with living and not talking about it.I have learned so much since then and I see how brave others are in sharing journey's that are hard and for some periods of time crippling. I know how hard it is on You as the person dealing with issues and having no outl
June 23, 2016
Who knew getting approved for a program could be so darned exciting? I felt such a renewed sense of hope and was doing the happy dance. Maybe because I was so sure I would be turned down as it was or is still too early in the game! It just charged my batteries! Whoop Whoop!If you are feeling at all discouraged or think perhaps you don't have enough talent for this just keep trying and trying. One baby step at a time because it will come together just as Kyle and Carson have said and the o
May 19, 2016
Wow, did I learn in a hurry what to do next time and what to do from now on. I was transferring one site to the other as Super Woman realized she didn't have enough power left to handle 3 sites!! It wasn't that I just thought I could handle it, I had two really good domain names and just didn't know which to go with so did two. And of course each one had it's own content, different from the other. Both were affiliate sites for WA so I thought rather than go in the red again for my health re