Sharing a Wee Drop of Wisdom

Last Update: Nov 10, 2016


If there is anything I can share, especially with our new members to make your journey better and more productive IS to NOT get ahead of yourself. As you go along you will see other sites, you will get a lot of great ideas for a niche, and you will jump ahead of your training.

It is hard not to get excited and ahead of the game. We are mini entrepreneurs in training and we some times forget to 'slow down to go fast!' When you visit other peoples posts to leave comments and feedback you will see a lot of really cool themes you want to use. This is actually the Beginning of Getting Ahead of Yourself.

My suggestion is to write down the name of the themes you like the best to review later or even add them to your themes for later use. Just don't get crazy. Follow the training you have chosen to start with. Implement each module as you go, as much as you can. Patience will be your best friend as you progress.

You could be saying in that inner voice we all have, Oh hogwash! I can handle more than just one little blog or website. Of course you can, we all can! Some better than others. Those being the more seasoned Marketers using this type of platform. But if you are brand new you will find yourself falling behind and one or more of your sites will suffer.

In the end, you will have to make a decision as to which one or two you need to let go so you can get back to what is really important in the beginning. Learning! Knowledge is Power. And isn't that why we are here? I am one of those that got ahead of herself and now, after learning the hard way, I find myself making choices so that I do not delay my progress in reaching my goals any longer.

So, what is it I wanted to say? Don't Do as I DID! Do as I Say. You will be happy you did. We learn from our mistakes. Then we share those mistakes so you won't have too.

Thanks for reading my thoughts this morning and thanks to Kevinfrnj who is new to WA for giving me the inspiration to share with you.

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I feel and try thoughs words. Its the only way to survive as a newbei. Your message needs to be in a moto."walk smoothly andreveiw where you been." Thank you, A . A great passage!

Great post, you hit me with that one. Will start to write down the names and be more patient. :)

Thank you!

From what I have learned to do and not to do Julie! That is the best way to come up with ideas. Your own experiences. The good ones and the not-so-good ones too. :)

Thanks for the inspiration, I'm enjoying it. Where do you get these ideas?

Nice post, Merry. Thanks for writing such a nice piece.

Thank you Gregory

Very true, thanks for sharing a great post

Thanks Anthony

Thanks for the great blog
Cheers, Andrew

Thanks Andrew

So true, thanks, for sharing.

Thank you for your positive feedback and taking the time to read the post. Much appreciated.

Thanks for sharing. That is also my advise to new members. Follow the training - exactly as instructed. Do NOT skip ahead. Nor try to complicate things. It is a training program we can all trust.

Thank you for the positive feedback Beth. So appreciated.

That is true.. I stopped doing one website because literally I was disgusted with it.. so I took a break waited and thought about a different niche then it occurred to me something to help me figure out my niche.. I am a busy woman.. so there you go.. lil of everything.. Work in progress

Thanks for sharing that NanG1. We are a work in progress for sure.

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