My Jan 2017 UpDate and completing a task.

Last Update: Jan 28, 2017


Did I say How Much I love WA training and all the community? Wow. You would think after 6 months almost 7 it could get boring. Nope! Not a chance. I have made some mistakes to date, and getting ahead of myself wasn't the best way either. When I welcome people I always say to follow the training and go nice and slow! That is because I royally goofed by getting excited doing too many sites and it set me back Months, not days or weeks but months!
So as they say, "Cry me a River, build the damn bridge already and get over it!" which I am doing and having so much fun! Who knew getting back on track would be like this. I made one of my goals for 2017 to go back into any training I missed and also to refresh what I had done prior. That is where I am today and completing as the month comes to an end. A girl can't have her birthday balloons if she doesn't finish her tasks now can she?

I Love the assignments and the accountability.

One of the Social Media 'assignments' was Google+. Oh Yes! I had Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest running with business accounts but Google+!! A whole different story. I felt very confused as to how I was supposed to do a post and where. I know I have my account set up, but do you think I could figure this out? Now I get to laff at myself all the way to google+ GMail and back to WA as I get it all done. Thanks Kyle, awesome training.

I swear Google does this on purpose!! :)

The point of this post was to update where I am, and the parts I skipped! ahead on. Do Not Do as I Did! Do What Kyle tells you to do!
And for those of you who are still getting your Facebook fan page done, it is easy and really a lot of fun! You can actually point your posts from here direct to your fan/biz page.

And remember, you can't be everywhere and be totally effective so pick your favorites and most popular social sites to get you noticed. It really is important for branding you.
So, as with my assignment.........anyone who would like to follow, here is my Google+

Have an awesome Weekend Everyone!

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The training is that so interesting?

Well said my dear Merry.

Hi Merry,
I checked out your google site and am now following on google.
It`s all ,away bit ,over my head at the moment,but eventually hope it will fall into place.
Your site looks very impressive, does it mean that you are now concentrating on 4 main sites ?

No I dropped two for now, as I got ahead of myself and had to backtrack. Just too hard to work on 4 at once. :( And thank you Angie

well I did wonder,as is a job to keep up with one( for me ,anyway ) because it`s all so new ,I have to keep back-tracking.

Well said Msmerry
I'm not at that point yet,
Its all before me..

Thank you Phil

The link does not work. could you try this one and see what happens? This is what I got at google. Darn it.

A great post and also great advice Merry. Thank you for sharing this. I tried to follow your google + acct but it kept coming up with an error, acct. can not be found here.

Thanks for the heads up Jerome. I will try it and see what happens.

see if this works Jerome, when you have time please

no work tried with one hand behind my back.

Still not working Merry
does this one work? I am so confused by this. gosh.

It worked. I am now following you on google +

thank you. I wonder why the other one was not working. I will try and find out tomorrow. Thanks so much Jerome.

I have 1+ your post's. Have a good night Merry

this one works, thank you for trying.......

IT WORKS I have made contact thanks.

Great Post Merry .. Thanks you. Cheers, William.

Thank you William.

Great advice thanks.

Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

Thanks for the post and inspiration Merry!

Thank you for reading and all your help!

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