Just So Excited!

Last Update: Jun 24, 2016


Who knew getting approved for a program could be so darned exciting? I felt such a renewed sense of hope and was doing the happy dance. Maybe because I was so sure I would be turned down as it was or is still too early in the game! It just charged my batteries! Whoop Whoop!

If you are feeling at all discouraged or think perhaps you don't have enough talent for this just keep trying and trying. One baby step at a time because it will come together just as Kyle and Carson have said and the other leaders in our community.

I am still in the learning stages but Now being more excited and more driven. It is going to happen this time, I can feel it. I may not have made any $$ yet, but the knowledge I am gaining and the approvals so far have outweighed that for now.

What can I say? I am elated...........or did you guess that already? Have an awesome evening everyone and see you on the training tomorrow.

Recent Comments


Great job!

Keep going! Nice to read your enthusiasm!

thank you

Infectious enthusiasm I love it! Thanks :)

:) :)

Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

You too Sadie

Keep it moving forward

Yes, thank you I will.

Great attitude and focus :)

Thank you Jude. You all help to keep it happening too so thank you


I was almost jumping out of my seat reading your blog. Great stuff!

thank you I was too!

it is great to get a positive result to lift your spirits and enthusiam and to move on further! Well done! Cheers, Lisa

thank you so much Lisa!

I feel your excitement, and I'm happy for you, MsMerry! It's a good feeling to get that surge in confidence!-Rick :)

It really is Rick. Thank you!

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