Hard Lesson Learned

Last Update: May 19, 2016


Wow, did I learn in a hurry what to do next time and what to do from now on. I was transferring one site to the other as Super Woman realized she didn't have enough power left to handle 3 sites!! It wasn't that I just thought I could handle it, I had two really good domain names and just didn't know which to go with so did two. And of course each one had it's own content, different from the other. Both were affiliate sites for WA so I thought rather than go in the red again for my health report I would move one.

I double checked to be sure I was going to do it right, and then copied and pasted each one over. Then I deleted the posts and then I moved the site! I made one crucial error it seems, so I wanted to let anyone know if they are moving a site do NOT DELETE until after the transfer is completed. I lost 16posts. They were there, then they disappeared.

Support was great at explaining what happened but it still seemed so odd. Why would I lose the 16 from the site I was transferring too not from! Baffling to say the least. So, what is the lesson. Not only back up your sites, save your content separate from that, in word, note pad or whatever program you use. It is a powerless feeling knowing you have to do it all again and most from scratch as I wrote directly onto my blog.

Note from Support:

"The posts showed up on myaffiliatehomebiz.com because you had copied & pasted on it and then disappeared because you restored your website affiliateprofits.co to it after deleting the posts."

I took a day off, did some hard labor, paid for my mistake and now I am back to re-write. Make sure you know exactly what you are doing before the 'move' button. You don't want to make the same mistake.

Thanks to support and my sponsor John for the extra help.

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Thank you for the lesson my dear Merry.


Thank you for this important lesson. I know it has saved me lots of time. Because that is the same thing I would have done. Bobby

Thanks Bobby! That gave me a smile.

Just read your post and wanted to thank you for the reminder to BACK-UP MY STUFF. I try to do this often but haven't done it in a while so, thanks for the reminder and hope it all worked out.

Hey there MsMerry! How are you? Just dropping in to see how things are going with rebuilding your content. Are you getting there?

Hi newstar. That is so sweet of you. I am getting there but have had some silly issues with my site again today. Just frustrating but working it out. I now have almost caught up. Just a few more to go and lessons too. I have learned so much once again in a few days. How are you doing?

I'm doing great thank you. Oh!!! I know that having some issues with the site can be very frustrating. Even I have just started with putting up some content on my site and I was having trouble verifying my email, so I could not keep working on it because of that. It took me days to finally be able to verify it. But these are hurdles that need to be overcome and is part of the learning. You will become more knowledgeable in the end. Keep at it and I'm sure you'll succeed!

If you need any help, although I'm still early in the learning process, let me know.


Wow! Definitely something to keep in mind if I ever decide to do something like this!

Oh how frustrating!

thanks Liz it is for sure. Good lesson.

Hello there! Sorry to hear about you losing all your data! I wish you all the best with that. Though I'm still new, I want to help and I hope I can by telling you this; when something is re-done, it is re-done with old content, since you know what you wrote about and on top of that, because our brains are such wonderful processors and process information subconsciously, your content will be even more powerful!

Thanks Newstar. I do hope so but losing so many my brain is a bit foggy. When see something that is familiar to what I had written tho' it does trigger a memory so you are right there. Thank you for the boost!

You're welcome. :)

Hi, and I am sorry you have had to go through this. Thanks for sharing and showing the importance of backups. Best wishes to you for re-building! regards, Lisa

Thanks so much Lisa. It is a lot of work and confusing. What should have stayed on the site I was moving to went awol and only the info I transferred is there. Trying to wrap my brain around it all. I sure hope this does not ever happen to anyone else so was happy to share.

Fortunately I haven't lost any content YET!. When I started writing articles for my first website, it seemed natural to write it out in Word then paste to website. I didn't realize that would give the contents an extra back up as well as be a lot easier (for me ) in editing, etc. However the transition from Word to WordPress can require some extra extra editing and formatting, but that price I believe is small and usually simple to do. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Bill and thanks for sharing on Word and Wordpress. Yes, I agree 100% on the small price.

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