Multiple accounts or.?

Last Update: January 31, 2019

So, I'm trying to grow my community here and I noticed a lot of members seemingly having multiple profiles (?) same name, same picture or different name, same picture.
Is it just me? or is it really allowed here?

Please enlighten. Thanks!

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CarolMeador Premium
I am not aware of any duplicate profiles. As Apache1 said, no one can use the exact user name. There are many images that people can choose from when they first write their profile, and I have seen duplicates of the more popular ones. But these are not the same person. No one can use my user name "Carol Meador" or my photo or bio.

I agree with others who commented below. As a newbie, you might not realize it yet, but doing the training, building your website, and writing, writing, writing is where it's at.

jbills34 Premium
No clue over here...?!?!
Terand Premium
Is that so? You have seen a lot?
mrsmommai Premium
Probably just me but as many have said that members can use same profile photos at the beginning so yeah..(but I was just wondering abt the same pictures, same names - I’ll update next time if I see them again.)
But anyway, I hope those are really different individuals. :)
Terand Premium
Sure 👌👍😄
j52powell Premium
Many use the same illustration in their profile, but usually switch to a photo when they go premium. I've never noticed multiple profiles.