Just keep swimming!

Last Update: January 31, 2019

Eight weeks and eight posts ago when I joined WA and like many of you here -- it feels discouraging sometimes. But you know what keeps me going? My kids. That's simple for some, but that's a huge motivation for me.

The race isn't finish yet, the ocean is big, so I gotta keep on swimming if I want to get to the other side.

One day, I'll just sit back, relax and watch my kids enjoy the most of their lives without me missing those precious moments -- without me having to worry about getting lesson plans or outputs marked
and grades done on time.

One day, I can just stay at home with them and enjoy our favorite books or movies.

One day, I can just spend time all to myself, look back and say, "Glad I didn't stop swimming".

One day. <3

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Donna2018 Premium
That's right just keep on doing the work and one day it will pay off! Hopefully one day soon for all of us!

Have a wonderful day,
mrsmommai Premium
Yes indeed. Hopefully, one day soooon :)
if we wanted to achieved something and proved to ourselves we can do it, nothing will put us down but to pursue. just keep on going I will be following you!
AlexEvans Premium
That day will arrive sooner than later, Maita, keep doing what you are doing create that content build your website and you will surprise yourselves and your loved ones.

Best wishes.

mrsmommai Premium
That's really great to hear. Thank you.
Fleeky Premium Plus
And make sure to relax in time
Not be exhausted
mrsmommai Premium
Indeed. :)
Ahimbe Premium
That is the beauty with Online business. You get to watch your children grow. I am glad they motivate you.
Stay blessed.
mrsmommai Premium
Thank you. I couldn't agree more.