5 Things I Was Doing Wrong On Pinterest!

Last Update: May 13, 2019

*5 Things I Was Doing Wrong On Pinterest!

Think you know it all about Pinterest? Think again! I'm no Pinterest expert but I just figured out how in the blogosphere did my monthly views dropped to half in the last two weeks. Pinterest plays a vital role in gaining blog traffic and yes, it concerns me a lot! My monthly viewers sky-rocketed  from 25k to 66k in about the beginning of April then later on, I got stuck, not going over 69k for two weeks. It wasn't until then when I found out that over 50% of my 700+ followers were actually spam accounts of "half-naked women." (Actually, there were hundreds of them lurking around, spamming even the seasoned bloggers that I am following!) So after blocking those accounts, I ended with only around 270+ legit accounts. And boom! Two days later, my viewers just dropped to half and I wasn't getting enough click to my blogs! That was the worst part!If you are in a group board that someone created, you get the chance to get increasing number of followers too, as the group gets more and more followers. With that being said, it makes sense to me now, that when I blocked those spam accounts, it also affected the number of my group contributors' followers and views!  For the past 2 weeks, the number's not going up and I wondered what am I doing wrong?!And guess what? Here's are the five things I wish I knew before, the very five things I've been doing wrong on Pinterest! 1. Not doing Pinterest SEO2. Not using Pinterest hashtagsI didn't know that Pinterest uses SEO, neither I know that it needs keywords and hashtags too!3. Not Using Tailwind the right way I signed up for Tailwind two months ago, but after I consumed my 100 auto pins, I didn't take it seriously, as I thought I could manually post anyway. But I was so wrong again! I regret not maximizing it since I signed up. So yeah, don't skip Tailwind! It's such a lifesaver and a time saver! Tailwind is a scheduler app/ tool for Pinterest and Instagram posts. It allows bulk scheduled uploads and even multiple board pinning and looping. 
Imagine how much time you can save with this app instead of sitting for hours to manually pin/repin posts. 4. Not using multiple dominant colors on images5. Not making Multiple Pins per postApparently, Pinterest loves highly visual, click-worthy vertical images! And with that, I had to start revamping my pins to make them meet the standards. Ideally, images be 600x900 pixels or if you're not using Canva yet, you can simply choose Pinterest Graphic and they have it ready for ya! I also started making multiple pins to see which ones could get more repins and clicks.

And lastly…

Make sure to double check the Pinterest account that you’re following or those who are following you once in a while, to avoid these digital mishaps that I just had!

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