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December 01, 2014
I had a very interesting weekend. On Facebook, I have a following of friends and business network contacts who spent the whole weekend blasting their timelines about what sales they were having and "buy from me", "join me" posts. I had to sit back and think a moment, gosh I hope I don't appear that way! Then I realized that many people do not understand, that most successful posts and engagement is created with an audience when it is targeted towards select individuals, with a targeted messag
November 29, 2014
Super Excited that I chose to upgrade to Premium! I had to ask myself, how much money do I spend regularly on "stuff"? When I realized the answer to that was 3 x more than what I would spend to upgrade to Premium and give myself an edge on creating a consistent income online, it was a no brainer to me. I have a serious plan for 2015 and that includes increasing my income and replacing my other sources of income from 40 hour work weeks with online income earned from my own efforts. I need the be
November 27, 2014
Yes I know, "Likeability" is not really a word. However, it fits my point that I am about to explain. I have been a successful marketer for many years now in the brick and mortar world and also online. I have been able to gather groups, gain followers, gain fans, and a good amount of customers. However, I noticed that I have spent too much time giving away my knowledge for free just because I liked people and felt bad about asking for payment for my knowledge and services. I had to understand t