It's good to dream. my first few weeks on WA

Last Update: July 26, 2015

Hi everyone,

OK, so this post is not going to help your SEO or generate you loads of inbound links, nor advise on how to write killer content...but i hope it may serve as a bit of a light hearted positive post on a Sunday evening, from here in Brighton, UK.

So, I have had just about enough of the traditional 9 to 5, i wish all my colleagues great health and happiness, i really do, but i also quite frequently want to send some of them into orbit. Which technically is not really what one should wish to do with ones colleagues.

SO, having trawled the good ole internet for ways to make lots of dosh in point 2 of a second, i realised 2 things pretty quickly. Unless, you are a Bank or Madonna or Oprah, you can't really make loads of money in point two of a second.

And secondly, you have to put the work in. B*****

I came across Wealthy Affiliate and was a bit dubious to be honest, but 5-6 weeks down the line, I'm pretty hooked. Here are a few things I've learned:

1 - Unless you are Steve Jobs or Bill Gates (or Kyle or Carson :)) you don't know it all (I work in online marketing and though i knew it all - HA HA HA HA, oh dear. I really don't!)

2 - So, DO the training - it's there for a reason, as is the community. Don't skip all the bits about adding comments, feedback, helping out etc or you will be trawling back through it all, keywords firmly between your legs, when you suddenly realise things aren't going quite as expected.

3 - Use the community AND feed into the community (I'm English, so of course, I don't want to 'bother' people with too many questions. If I could queue on here i would of course (that's a joke!)) BOTHER people - if they can't be bothered with your question, they won't respond. And believe me, lots of people WILL be bothered.

4 - Put the work in - this is not a quick overnight road to success and millions - but do it right and put the legwork in and there's frankly no reason for it not to work from what I can see.

5 - Be patient - I've practically used up my mobile date usage in 3 days searching for 'camping water filters', 'reverse osmosis filters' and 'bath ball water filters' (oh stop it, i know you've done it too). And when I saw £0.83 on my Adsense account i nearly had to call 999. The 83p then promptly disappeared again, so i've now used up next months data allowance on my mobile checking if it's come back again. Ok, so i jest a 'bit', but the point is, money doesn't come flooding in with a brand new site in 5 weeks (if it has for you though private message me with what you are doing plse lol)

6 - Wait for the dream vision! And when I say dream, I mean the dreams you have a night! Yes, of course have a vision of what you want for your site, but I actually had a dream where all these affiliate programmes were before me and all of them were just whizzing up from nothing to massive numbers in seconds! Wishful thinking or a premonition ;) Who knows, but it's helped spur me on...

Have a great week everyone, may all your dreams be filled with rising pound signs in your affiliate accounts (or dollar or Euros, or whatever currency you hold dear)

P.s. my dream really did happen - it's not artistic license...:) and no, sorry, I do not know Hugh Grant...

Cheers Sarah (mrschippy)

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Love it, thank you!
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thanks for the prospective. Enjoy