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Hi everyone, I don’t post very often for various reasons, but having done this for over 2 years now, I at last feel I’m starting to make real progress & a decent income (approx $1000 a month and growing, which is the important bit as I flatlined for ages (well, my income did, not ME obviously!)).There are people making much more than $1000 a month, but it's a key milestone to get to.Anyway, I’ve noticed a few key things that have, without a shadow of a doubt, helped me inc
Hi everyone, I just wanted to post what I hope is a bit of a motivational post, as I know sometimes people question if this stuff really works/whether that many people are really making money. My story is not earth shattering, but I hope it can inspire people to keep going (and not get distracted!)I joined WA about 2 and a half years ago and I made my first sales within 2-3 months. So it was obvious the system worked to me very quickly.Then for some reason unbeknownst to anyone (including me) I
September 17, 2015
I have a confession. When i started on here I couldn't quite understand the raptures people went into when they made their 1st sale. Then...I made a sale lol. My 4 year watched in horror as I danced around the lounge screaming 'it works'. I've worked really hard over the past 3-4 months, whilst still working FT at a day job and being a single mum to a wonderful 4 year old. So I do believe you have to put a lot of work into this but it's true - the groundwork pays off at some point. Then today I
August 25, 2015
OK, so I understand that Google likes a bit of a dance with new sites. But come on!I start my first niche site, all bushy tailed and eager, pick a keyword which looks like it has good potential, but not necessarily brilliant- long tail, but a bit of traffic, good (ish) QSR and anyway, it's more about getting those initial rankings, building trust and content at the start right? Boom, in at number 12 in days, wohoo! So I get cocky, choose another few keywords, one of which has a competition of 5
Hi everyone, OK, so this post is not going to help your SEO or generate you loads of inbound links, nor advise on how to write killer content...but i hope it may serve as a bit of a light hearted positive post on a Sunday evening, from here in Brighton, UK.So, I have had just about enough of the traditional 9 to 5, i wish all my colleagues great health and happiness, i really do, but i also quite frequently want to send some of them into orbit. Which technically is not really what one should wis