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Hello again, everyone! I hope you're all doing and feeling well! Today, I am writing this blog because I have a little something to say. I wouldn't say this is really a rant but closer to a "public service announcement".It has come to my attention that some WA members have been here longer than others. (Obviously) Since there are a lot of us that are new, and there are more and more new members daily, a lot of us don't know all the ins, outs and rules of this great platform. From my understandi
Hello and happy Monday!As the title says, I don't have much to report right now but I'm working on it. I'm almost done a new product review to publish, most likely later on tonight. It's a big deal for me because since I got sick I really didn't have it in me to think, let alone write a post.I am starting to feel better now, just a little bit of a stuffy nose and some coughing which seems to be the tail end at this point.This past week has been pretty eventful to say the least.I still managed t
February 28, 2020
Hello WAmily! I don't have too much to say today because I feel like I just crawled out of a ditch after getting hit by a train.. Yup, I caught the bug that has been lingering in my house. Needless to say, I'm already more than anxious to get passed it but hey, it could be worse 🤷 I just wanted to write a quick post today because even though I'm feeling less than great, I refreshed my dashboard earlier to find out that I've now made the top 100!! This makes me super happy!!I'd like to
Hi everyone, If you're not feeling negativity you should stop reading now because I don't have much good to say today. I'm feeling very frustrated!First off 4 out of 5 people in my house are sick. Yup, I'm the last one trying to get by and take care of everyone, walking around with my can of Lysol like Sheldon on the big bang theory. That's my real life problems right now but I've got some WA problems right now too. My site health is going down because I haven't requested comments in quite a wh
February 23, 2020
Hey there, WAmily!I hope you've all had a WAnderful weekend! I haven't much time for WA or my website this weekend as I've been pretty busy. That picture above, ??that's how my brain feels this weekend trying to jumble everything. Yesterday was the worse of the 2 days. After getting up and getting my kids up and changed I went to do groceries. I ended up gone for almost 5 hours! I did do a few other places for sales but still, it took a huge chunk out of my day. Once I got home I had to do some
Hello WA family!Yesterday and today have been great days! Yesterday I got this: I was already so happy to get this, first off because I feel like I'm in the girl scouts trying to gather my badges (lol) and secondly, because that means I am now on the last level for OEC. Just one more level left and I will be an OEC graduate! ☺️My site is coming along, I'm getting more and more traffic and my Pinterest is doing very well. I've reached almost 5k impressions after about 2 weeks of usi
Wow! So many things in one day!!First off, thank god it's Friday AND it's a long weekend with family day on Monday! It's Valentine's Day which I honestly don't really like because it's too commercial, I love my boyfriend and show him every day, no sense in spending just for Valentine's Day but that's just my opinion 🤷I'm super anxious for the webinar tonight! I'm always excited for Friday's now because of Jay's webinars lol I always liked Friday but I really like webinar Friday now. I'v
February 12, 2020
Hello friends!As I leave level 3 OEC in the rearview mirror and start on the 4th level OEC it's all starting to get very real. I knew I was making a site and hopefully monetizing it one day but now that I'm starting to put my site all over social networks and getting traffic from doing so, this adventure is starting to become more real than it was seeking before. It's not a bad thing of course, it's just that as I'm doing all of it I'm definitely stepping outside of my comfort zone because I wa
February 11, 2020
I'm on top of the world!So many accomplishments within 24 hours! -I've finished level 3 OEC.-Made 4 pins for my Pinterest account and have gotten a boom on Pinterest without paying to promote my pins.-Added 2 posts on my site that have over 1000 words each.And throughout doing a that I still managed to get my ranking within WA up to 349!I'm feeling pretty good today. Happy, happy, happy!Oh and also, my site is starting to get more traffic too! Not a crazy amount but more than last month. More t
February 10, 2020
Ok, so I know most of you have written that much or way more but it's my first time having no problem writing that many words. It has taken me a couple of days to write 1000 words because I had to think of more to write to make it to the 1000 word mark. I wrote 2112 words on my newest blog for my website! I feel super good about it, and the best part is the keywords I chose. The average traffic is 96The QSR is 41 And the SEO is 99 So all in all I'm pretty darn happy about this accomplishment! I