Financial vs Non Financial Goals

Last Update: March 19, 2014

Hello WA community.

Actually I don't know where the best place to post both of my financial and non financial goals to complete the learning course 1, lesson 2. So I hope I don't post at the wrong place.

Financial Goals.

In this beginning, I would be happy if:

Q1 : I earn a starting commission or around $100.

Q2 : At least $1000 per month.

Q3 : 3 hours per night.

Non Financial Goals.

Next 10 days :

- Complete my learning course 1.

- Select the suitable niche for me.

- Understanding and able to do the internet business.

Next 30 days:

- Complete my website.

- Start my blog.

- Getting traffic for my web and blog.

- Start earning commission

Next 6 months:

- Establish my internet business.

- Have a good traffic for my web and blog.

- Generating a good commission on internet platform.

The next year:

- Sustain and improve my internet business platform.

- Have a deep understanding knowledge about internet business.

- Share knowledge and help others to success in this industry.

Hopefully I will achieve my goals and follow the timeline or much earlier.

Thank you for your time.

"Walking toward the dream and goals to create better future"

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CathyS Premium
I'm a newbie here too with similar goals. My niche is in wellness and I'm currently on lesson 8. The vast amount of information in the training is geared to help you create your first site and get it up and running. Kyle also reminds us several times that it is our first site and certainly not our last. The point is that with WA, you simply have to put your time, energy and creativity into it and don't stop. Your success will come from your consistency, so keep doing what you're doing. Baby steps then giant leaps and bounds! God Bless!
Thank you for the advice. Hope success will be part of your journey.
BIS Premium
The best of luck in achieving your goals :) Beverley
Tqvm for your nice comment BIS. :)