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September 05, 2015
Unfortunately, today I am not working on my own laptop, so I am at my local public library. My poor baby has developed a virus and is being cared for at Staples.I almost feel like I am missing a limb without my computer. The funny thing is, I am old enough to remember what the world was like before we became dependent on computers, so I really shouldn't be tripping (LOL) ! But I am!I can't help it! I really had a hard time leaving my baby (I mean my laptop) overnight and I don't think I w
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September 02, 2015
While spending my entire adult life as an employee, at times I found myself envying people that were self-employed. I had always imagined that being one's own boss would be the best thing in the world (it is) - having people work for YOU, set your own hours, and enjoy all of the "freedom" that comes along with working for yourself. Well, needless to say, since I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned that being your own boss is not the easy road I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong, I
First of all, I want to thank everyone that took the time to read my blog and commenting on "Organize Yourself - Especially Newbies." It is always great to get feedback from WA members.A few of you pointed out something that is also vital to keeping yourself motivated and organized and this should have been the first suggestion in my previous blog and that is to designate a specific area in your home for your "office" and only use it for that purpose. If you have the luxury of having an entire
As much as I wanted to work from the comfort of my own home, I didn't realize how easy it would be to get off track and distracted. I don't know if this has happened to any of you but I still have to work on not allowing my mind wander when I need to stay focused. In order to forge ahead I am finding that I have to relearn how to organize and discipline myself to complete a task...and to get in the habit of writing articles/blog posts regularly! OMG! For over 20+ years, as a secretary I hav
August 11, 2015
Working from home can be fun, but it easy to get distracted or lack motivation at times. It is vital that you get back on track when you lose focus.Since I am a morning person these are some of the things I do. Before you begin working for the day, read your list of goals. If you haven't written down the things you want to accomplish in the near future, DO THIS FIRST. While reading your list you will remember why you wanted to be your own boss in the first place. Some people like to begin the