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How to shut off sitecomments interest emails?
My inbox is suddenly flooding with 'sitecomment interest' emails from…
1 week ago 17 Replies
What's the shortest wasyto bulk upload old sitecontent pics?
I uploaded over 40 pics of choice to sitecontent one day thinking they'd…
1 month ago 6 Replies
H2 tags in wa blog not working?
Anyone else getting problems with H2 tags in WA blog?I tried fixing my…
3 months ago 16 Replies
Anyone else have problems receiving wa emails past 3 days?
Hi guys, I'm not getting most of my WA emails the past 3 days or some…
4 months ago 34 Replies
Help renewing site domains, why do my sites say not at wa?
I have to renew some domain names but there is no renew option as it turns…
4 months ago 13 Replies
When and how to lean on jaaxy to decide your niche?
Recently I'm hearing beginners quote Jaaxy saying things like:- this phrase…
4 months ago 16 Replies
Did anyone rock amazon prime day?
There was a bit of a buzz before Amazon prime day, but I just found one…
4 months ago 15 Replies
Where do we find success stories on the new dashboard?
Hi guys, someone said to me 'no one talks about the money, is that against…
4 months ago 37 Replies
Best wordpress social media plugin for site speed?
I tried the plugin called Social Media and Social Icons (Ultimate Social…
5 months ago 18 Replies
How do I disable automatic wordpress updates?
Hi, I just got an email to say my wordpress site had been updated and…
6 months ago 18 Replies
New wa ux how to view the dashboard posts from a distance?
a random post seems to open in my face - is there a way to push it all…
6 months ago 13 Replies
Why is cco on our images uploaded to sitecontent?
I uploaded my pics to sitecontent and just noticed they all have cco stamped…
6 months ago 17 Replies
Sitecontent ux, can we enlarge image area for crop & view?
I'm working with less than an inch now, is there any way to enlarge the…
6 months ago 10 Replies
Hotmail childproof lockout asking credit card verification?
Hi guys, my oldest email is hotmail / outlook but tonight on both laptops…
6 months ago 34 Replies
Has there really been a swag video update?
I see a training with the title 'SWAG video update' which suggests Kyle…
6 months ago 15 Replies
The gdpr and what it means for affiliates?
Update #2 May 9th:My inbox is now filling up with companies and shops…
7 months ago 29 Replies
Deactivated plugin site speed did not bounce back fully?
So I deactivated a plugin that hit my speed but my speed did not bounce…
7 months ago 16 Replies
How did my drafts get indexed in google?
I got a notice right now to say google indexed two pieces of content but…
7 months ago 23 Replies
Anyone know about using h1 in twenty sixteen theme vs url?
In the twenty sixteen theme the url seems to act like a H1 tag, so when…
8 months ago 22 Replies
Wordpress session expired, asks me to log in mid paragraph?
Anyone know what this is about?I literally was writing on a page next…
9 months ago 21 Replies
What is a missing php installation, internal server error?
all excited with my new site, in for yet more content but can't log in…
9 months ago 10 Replies
Do these cookies seem fresh to you?
Believe it or not I got a reply to a question about affiliate cookies…
10 months ago 24 Replies
Can I use a .ie domain name at wa?
SiteDomains does not support the .ie extension for domain names, but if…
1 year ago 13 Replies
Toshiba laptop users, what are you replacing them with now?
I've been using Toshiba laptops exclusively since 1999 and loved them,…
1 year ago 70 Replies
Can we have a social filter put on the wa blogs?
Right now when we go to publish a blog at WA we have an option to click…
1 year ago 19 Replies
Why using square bracket keys suddenly chops content format?
This suddenly started to happen about 3 days ago - when I use the square…
1 year ago 18 Replies
Have you received a blog comment directed at someone else ?
Two people have told me they received comments and replies to an old blog…
1 year ago 31 Replies
Did anyone else get the jaaxy price increase date wrong?
When they said the old price was available till September 4th I thought…
1 year ago 40 Replies
Why's jaaxy free trial cutting off search saying to upgrade?
Two newbies have asked me this question and now in the Jaaxy free trial…
1 year ago 17 Replies
New member sexiemissie is asking can anyone handle her?
is it me or could this be self promotion? :Dnot that the spam rules have…
1 year ago 33 Replies
Is there a cookie on the url to my wa training page?
Hi, I just shared my training page on a closed facebook group and am getting…
1 year ago 21 Replies
Any experience with affiliate partners using 1shoppingcart?
I've access to an affiliate program who uses 1shoppingcart but their link…
1 year ago 5 Replies
When we switch off receive email will we receive kyle email?
I switched off my WA emails in my account settings, I did this in the…
1 year ago 12 Replies
Titles to blogs and answers disappearing, platform glitch?
Two things happening is it just me ?1. comments coming into inbox 'great…
1 year ago 37 Replies
Should I update the date on my page when I update the page?
My front page is updated at least weekly [sometimes more] because I'm…
1 year ago 16 Replies
Can I find my website rank without a keyword?
I've been getting sign-ups to my website every day since Saturday, 10…
1 year ago 13 Replies
How did my site speed go up 9 points over night by itself?
My site speed results on my new site went up from 40 to 50 on mobile then…
1 year ago 36 Replies
Is it normal for banner images to copy and paste into wp?
Since some bug in wordpress [that's what I was told] my images stopped…
1 year ago 12 Replies
Is it necessary to do a $1000 course to sell on amazon?
I just got asked this question in facebook by someone who has just paid…
1 year ago 44 Replies
Firefox, opera, or chrome, which is best?
I'm hearing there's free VPN with Opera [but that it has been bought by…
1 year ago 34 Replies
Anyone else have their laptop suddenly go into screen save?
I have two toshiba laptops [one a year old and one maybe 2 years in use/4…
1 year ago 22 Replies
Wordpress won't update page i'm working on?
I'm on my page in wordpress and went to update it but the update button…
1 year ago 16 Replies
My site crashes in admin on my computer but not on other?
I think I closed my site thinking it had finished the updating of a page…
1 year ago 7 Replies
Why is writing all bunched up in post?
Hi, does anyone know why my writing and paragraphs looks all nicely spaced…
1 year ago 26 Replies
Starter member support after week 1?
Does anyone know what level of support starters get after week one if…
2 years ago 31 Replies
Can google shut down an ad campaign ?
I'm being told google shut down an ad campaign run by an experienced marketing…
2 years ago 13 Replies
Where do we get non hosting support tickets?
I just noticed the support desk on the siterubix is only for hosting issues…
3 years ago 3 Replies
What happens to websites if monthly membership cancelled?
if someone decides after a while to cancel monthly membership, what happens…
4 years ago 10 Replies