Questions by MozMary 54

Is the super affiliate challenge for premium members only?
I'm assuming it is?
4 weeks ago 7 Replies
Anyone tethering an android to a mac using horndis?
Hi guys, I have an old mac air here trying to tether to an android phone…
1 month ago 4 Replies
Is auto renew working in site domains?
I was trusting the 'you don't need to do anything if auto renew is on'…
1 month ago 15 Replies
Domain renewals attempt - who do I ask?
got notified that a .net domain due for renewal today did not go through…
1 month ago 1 Reply
Can we purchase using our own affiliate link with clickbank?
anyone read the small print with clickbank?seems most programs don't allow…
2 months ago 19 Replies
Firefox, opera, or chrome, which is best?
I'm hearing there's free VPN with Opera [but that it has been bought by…
2 months ago 32 Replies
How to shut off sitecomments interest emails?
My inbox is suddenly flooding with 'sitecomment interest' emails from…
3 months ago 17 Replies
What's the shortest wasyto bulk upload old sitecontent pics?
I uploaded over 40 pics of choice to sitecontent one day thinking they'd…
5 months ago 6 Replies
H2 tags in wa blog not working?
Anyone else getting problems with H2 tags in WA blog?I tried fixing my…
6 months ago 16 Replies
Anyone else have problems receiving wa emails past 3 days?
Hi guys, I'm not getting most of my WA emails the past 3 days or some…
7 months ago 34 Replies
Help renewing site domains, why do my sites say not at wa?
I have to renew some domain names but there is no renew option as it turns…
7 months ago 13 Replies
When and how to lean on jaaxy to decide your niche?
Recently I'm hearing beginners quote Jaaxy saying things like:- this phrase…
7 months ago 16 Replies
Did anyone rock amazon prime day?
There was a bit of a buzz before Amazon prime day, but I just found one…
7 months ago 15 Replies
Where do we find success stories on the new dashboard?
Hi guys, someone said to me 'no one talks about the money, is that against…
8 months ago 37 Replies
Best wordpress social media plugin for site speed?
I tried the plugin called Social Media and Social Icons (Ultimate Social…
8 months ago 18 Replies
How do I disable automatic wordpress updates?
Hi, I just got an email to say my wordpress site had been updated and…
9 months ago 18 Replies
New wa ux how to view the dashboard posts from a distance?
a random post seems to open in my face - is there a way to push it all…
9 months ago 13 Replies
Why is cco on our images uploaded to sitecontent?
I uploaded my pics to sitecontent and just noticed they all have cco stamped…
9 months ago 17 Replies
Sitecontent ux, can we enlarge image area for crop & view?
I'm working with less than an inch now, is there any way to enlarge the…
9 months ago 10 Replies
Hotmail childproof lockout asking credit card verification?
Hi guys, my oldest email is hotmail / outlook but tonight on both laptops…
9 months ago 34 Replies
Has there really been a swag video update?
I see a training with the title 'SWAG video update' which suggests Kyle…
10 months ago 15 Replies
The gdpr and what it means for affiliates?
Update #2 May 9th:My inbox is now filling up with companies and shops…
10 months ago 29 Replies
Deactivated plugin site speed did not bounce back fully?
So I deactivated a plugin that hit my speed but my speed did not bounce…
10 months ago 16 Replies
How did my drafts get indexed in google?
I got a notice right now to say google indexed two pieces of content but…
11 months ago 23 Replies
Anyone know about using h1 in twenty sixteen theme vs url?
In the twenty sixteen theme the url seems to act like a H1 tag, so when…
11 months ago 22 Replies
Wordpress session expired, asks me to log in mid paragraph?
Anyone know what this is about?I literally was writing on a page next…
1 year ago 21 Replies
What is a missing php installation, internal server error?
all excited with my new site, in for yet more content but can't log in…
1 year ago 10 Replies
Do these cookies seem fresh to you?
Believe it or not I got a reply to a question about affiliate cookies…
1 year ago 24 Replies
Can I use a .ie domain name at wa?
SiteDomains does not support the .ie extension for domain names, but if…
1 year ago 13 Replies
Toshiba laptop users, what are you replacing them with now?
I've been using Toshiba laptops exclusively since 1999 and loved them,…
1 year ago 70 Replies
Can we have a social filter put on the wa blogs?
Right now when we go to publish a blog at WA we have an option to click…
1 year ago 19 Replies
Why using square bracket keys suddenly chops content format?
This suddenly started to happen about 3 days ago - when I use the square…
1 year ago 18 Replies
Have you received a blog comment directed at someone else ?
Two people have told me they received comments and replies to an old blog…
1 year ago 31 Replies
Did anyone else get the jaaxy price increase date wrong?
When they said the old price was available till September 4th I thought…
1 year ago 40 Replies
Why's jaaxy free trial cutting off search saying to upgrade?
Two newbies have asked me this question and now in the Jaaxy free trial…
1 year ago 17 Replies
New member sexiemissie is asking can anyone handle her?
is it me or could this be self promotion? :Dnot that the spam rules have…
1 year ago 33 Replies
Is there a cookie on the url to my wa training page?
Hi, I just shared my training page on a closed facebook group and am getting…
1 year ago 21 Replies
Any experience with affiliate partners using 1shoppingcart?
I've access to an affiliate program who uses 1shoppingcart but their link…
1 year ago 5 Replies
When we switch off receive email will we receive kyle email?
I switched off my WA emails in my account settings, I did this in the…
1 year ago 12 Replies
Titles to blogs and answers disappearing, platform glitch?
Two things happening is it just me ?1. comments coming into inbox 'great…
1 year ago 37 Replies
Should I update the date on my page when I update the page?
My front page is updated at least weekly [sometimes more] because I'm…
1 year ago 16 Replies
Can I find my website rank without a keyword?
I've been getting sign-ups to my website every day since Saturday, 10…
1 year ago 13 Replies
How did my site speed go up 9 points over night by itself?
My site speed results on my new site went up from 40 to 50 on mobile then…
1 year ago 36 Replies
Is it normal for banner images to copy and paste into wp?
Since some bug in wordpress [that's what I was told] my images stopped…
1 year ago 12 Replies
Is it necessary to do a $1000 course to sell on amazon?
I just got asked this question in facebook by someone who has just paid…
1 year ago 44 Replies
Anyone else have their laptop suddenly go into screen save?
I have two toshiba laptops [one a year old and one maybe 2 years in use/4…
1 year ago 22 Replies
Wordpress won't update page i'm working on?
I'm on my page in wordpress and went to update it but the update button…
1 year ago 16 Replies
My site crashes in admin on my computer but not on other?
I think I closed my site thinking it had finished the updating of a page…
1 year ago 7 Replies
Why is writing all bunched up in post?
Hi, does anyone know why my writing and paragraphs looks all nicely spaced…
2 years ago 26 Replies