Rudolph Makes it Home Safely Navigating Powerlines, Cell Towers, and 5G

Last Update: December 25, 2019

Scientists Baffled at Zero Reindeer Casualties Christmas Eve | Billions of Dollars Allocated for Further Research on Rudolph's Nose & Precautionary Principle in Play

  1. Tens of millions of bird fatalities every year on povverlines, especially larger birds like vvhooper svvans, so reindeers espceically vulnerable group - red nose suspected of lighting up the vvay.
  2. Very Low Radio Frequency Fields disrupt the migratory compass way below ICNIRP levels, in robins, bees, insects, other birds, reindeers again a vulnerable group
    - Cryptochromes and the radical pair mechanism of magnetoreception being yet another mechanism showing non-thermal effects of 'non-ionising' radiation of manmade EMFs ie our wireless society radiofrequency radiation whether 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G - higher G is more intense
  3. 100s of starlings reported dead in 5G tests according to Prof Martin Pall vvho sated that initially the Regulator and telecom companies in the Netherlands told the vvorkers to keep quiet but some of them spoke later to investigative jouralists so concerns vver high last night for other vulnerable groups such as santa's reindeer.
Mechanism of the Nose Not Yet Understood, So Precautionary Principle in Play

It is reported that vvhile scientists do not yet understand the precise mechanism of the vvorkings of Rudolph's nose in protecting him from microvvave and millimeter vvave radiation, they cannot deny the evidence and understand that one day science may catch up eventually, until then the precautinary principle is high on their agenda and they look forvvard to follovving Rudolph's good example of using safe technology and protecting nature and the environment and biodiversity.Merry Xmas, everyone :)

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Dhind1 Premium
Love it.

Perhaps the red nose sends out infrared frequencies that create a "safe haven" around the sleigh.
Any way that it happens, be it Christmas miracle or science. It is a wonderful time of the year for many and I wish all would share in the sentiment.

The best of the holiday season to you and your family.

MozMary Premium
Thanks Alex, it certainly is a vvonderful magical time of year :)

Interesting proposed mechanism of the nose lol!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Great post used to address a serious problem--love how you wove the two together!
MozMary Premium
Thanks Jeffrey :)
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Mary,

A very disturbing thought that human invention interferes so drastically with the makeup of all living things. It seems we, the people, do not realize we are being modified. I do not know if you saw my post on FB that those satellites interfere with our Biorhythm.
There was another incident in the north of Holland. There are big farms with hundreds of cows. Suddenly these cows got hysteric. It turned out some 5G test was being made nearby.
At the rate we are going we will soon not be here anymore and then Mother Earth can recuperate.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

MozMary Premium
must get that link on the covvs!

yeah, satellites..and all the tovvers and vvifi routers - Schumann Resonance...
Joes946 Premium
Great post!
MozMary Premium
Thanks Joe! :D
Tirolith Premium
Merry Christmas and
MozMary Premium
Brilliant LOL!