How to get a refund from Health Talks Online Summits

Last Update: February 01, 2019

These online health summits come with a 30 day 'no fuss' money back guarantee, so you are entitled to ask for your money back if you want, within 30 days, without any hassle.

Here are the steps to getting a refund with the HTO Health Talks Online summit platform:

1.When you purchased the event you got two emails from their platform, the first one is from 'no reply' and says 'action required', the other is from 'events@healthmeans' and says 'receipt and access' and that is the one you need.

2. Inside that email are some links, click the link in 'For additional order information'

3. You'll land on this page so scroll down to section 3 and fil in your details, when you get to the box 'support topic required' click it and a menu opens up, in there is a 'refund request' so click that.

...choosing Refund Request from the menu

4.Now a dialogue box opens up where you can write in 'I am requesting a refund' or whatever you want, in theory you'lve alreadly clicked that so it seems redundant but I stated it anyway. And then don't forget to click the big red 'SEND' button.

5. There should now be a confirmation email in your inbox, they ask you to check that it arrived. Now within 24 hours you should get a full refund

*Update: next time I tried it looks like they were onto me, they only sent me one email and no visible refund options, but I still clicked support and requested refund, know your rights - 30 day refund no questions asked ;)

Research, but with caution!

As you can see I bought the Fasting Transformation summit and got a refund on it - I never intended keeping it but as the saying goes 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer'! I merely got it as research so I can undo the lies Jockers & co tell knowing I could get the refund

But buyer beware, spending hours reading stuff like this unless you are grounded with a solid foundation already in the health niche could easily suck you in to some serious wrong beliefs that you will then pass on - it's designed for that! It's impossible to listen to hours and hours without some of it rubbing off...I spent one talk complaining about what was being said but somehow when I went shopping I could see myself being influenced by some of the crazy stuff that I knew and called out as wrong already! I also know a guy who wrote a book and did up a course years back who got totally sucked into some of the strange fasting now and when I showed him how they were contradicting each other he stopped in his tracks and said 'you reminded me to practice what I used to preach' and after a few days eating the way he used to teach peeps he was doing better already!

In the past I used to support good summits, but they've taken a spiral downwards the past couple of years not only in content but in marketing strategies and in another blog later I'll show you precisely why these summit models don't work for affiliates, for practitioners, or for the public attending them. You can do a better job with your websites.

Why do they offer a 30 day refund period?

Because most of these came up through the Brendon Burchard type training where he states only 20% of people will actually ask for the refund, so it's a softener to get you to buy it 'risk free' ie emotional psychology. There's an event running this week on another platform which actually looks quite interesting and the promise is if you don't like it you can ask for your money back and we'll still let you keep it - how can they afford to do that - well on the basis of the 20% rule and just to keep those odds in their favor the introductory video opens with the host saying he was bankrupt twice - ie no sooner in the door than hit with emotional blackmail, our first instinct is 'oh how can I ask HIM for money back'. My second instinct is, 'I'm being played here, I am soooo going to ask for my money back - and then I sign up the affiliate back end and guess what I learn, the guy is a superstar producer aligned with several multimillion dollar launches elsewhere...I really don't like being played like that AND bear in mind this is my niche, the health niche and these guys at the top are making it real slimey!

But can we ignore them?

But can you ignore them now that the HTO platform alone has already got 162,000+ members, all the traffic we've been sending them!

Well one way to look at it is that's just 162,000 more peeps need your help more than ever, and that's a lot of grip they have on your audience.

Another way to look at it is we can use them in various ways too.

There's always a way to work things to your advantage if you know the niche. If you don't then the shiny object commissions could suck you into being a pawn real fast ;)


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bestleads Premium
Thank you for your words of wisdom.

I am somewhat in the health niche, but not as dedicated as you are.

Most of it, I am in it for my own health.

I am cautiousness of the natural health Big Pharma.

GNC, Natural World, Natural Vitamins, Herbalife, Naturama, etc.

Reading the labels can be misleading.

Specially, since not all ingredients are included. And there are legalities that make untrusted those labels.

You have to know where the "natural food, product" comes from.

People like you, that are fully dedicated to this very important niche, that could be life threatening, are needed.

Best wishes.

MozMary Premium
Thank you for the kind words Antonios, means a lot coming from someone like you who can see through what is really going on with 'natural health big pharma', there is another side to it too in that they make supplement forms of natural things that already work and then charge people huge money and tell them not to take the foods or whatever!

yes I do not use any of those companies because working on my own health I have to use what works, just like you

source really is key and that is so true about what they don't put on the label too!

And you are so right that this is life and death for some people, I would not have made it through this far with the bad advice in circulation today. Some of it is good but not enough, partly because their focus is actually on money not disciplined research into other older things that worked and real expertise