Facebook censored me for stating the truth quarantine to prevent contact's better than using 5G

Last Update: March 18, 2020

I've been talking about censorship for a year now and have been very careful in everything I write on facebook this is my first banned post despite hitting big audiences across many pages on facebook on a very hot subject 5G

- but look at how I got censored for questioning bad policy, even in the middle of a pandemic when that bad policy is lifethreatening

Our gov had been letting people fly in and out of infected areas

and then boasted it was the only country using contact tracing but I showed China used 5G for that and that 5G solutions should not be our future when better ones clearly exist, like prevention vs contact tracing as returnees mingle for 14 days till they show symptoms

And I showed you already it failed, the first 83 out of 90 corona patients the result of that non-quarantine 'contact tracing', 7 they could not trace, inside days the country is locked down

Yet this week they are flying in 20,000 people from heavily infected Spain without quarantine, sending them to every corner of the country, I know someone expecting her sister - they didn't even consider they vvere carriers - the gov's excuse is contact tracing is their secret advantage and technology, and facebook is sitting on me for every word I say right now

I got censored for telling the truth - what is the answer?

First I'm going to do a website they can't control - though google can hide it, and has threatened to hide things and facebook can monitor any sharing - do you see the tight spot it's getting to be!

Look at their excuse, this is their stated reason for not showing my post:

'false advertising, fraud, security breaches'

none of which I did, to disagree with government and call it out as dangerous is not 'spam'

It's not enough to complain folks, action is needed.


UPDATE: some people are sharing a post stating there's a glitch on facebook but I went through the appeal and still got censored, that is no glitch

ALSO note one night speaking in private messages on facebook to 2 different friends next day I was targeted with ads for the random things I had mentioned, things I had not mentioned in a long time - messages are not private on fb

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laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Mary,

A friend of a closed group on FB posted a video of a worker who told his personal story on the effects of 5G.
Comes FB and puts a Fact Check saying there are no studies that prove 5G is dangerous.
I got so irritated that I posted the following YouTube of Senator Blumenthal and his famous interview.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/vZ5soLrvXFg" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
FB did not comment on that.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

MozMary Premium
their fact checkers are all industry so nurses and doctors on health and guess vvho on 5g!
MozMary Premium
ps msm is another one they use for fact checking 'unbiases journalists' lol
Cav1966 Premium
Dont feel bad i got one also ...they said it was spam..same message but my post which i shared from someone else by the way was an article stating that the Paris museums had put thier paintings online for virtual viewing.
I can not for the life of me figure out hlw that was spam😞
MozMary Premium
! just googled that and it's a fact, hm

in corona and 5g they are allovving the conspiracy and blocking facts at the mo - accident?
lesabre Premium
Hi Mary, I read something about Facebook blocking anything that has to do with:

Corona virus if in any way it can be linked to some kind of a political awareness issue.

I totally agree with your post, but unfortunately it is what it is.

Of course the 5G network was totally political, gee where did that start. Was it China.......

Best wishes,
MozMary Premium
lol yes gee where did that start...and there's a whole lot more to come in terms of follow up legislation on surveillance, unless we stop it!
accad Premium
Actually Facebook is not a good medium for factual news. Everything spreads even fake news. Most often Facebook doesn't allow links.
MozMary Premium
very true, horrendous but this time I notice they are allowing the crazy stuff on corona and they blocked an actual truth, that makes me wonder what are they really playing at - trying to make serious issues look stupid it seems, very very manipulative
MarionBlack Premium
Australia now has mandatory self-isolation for all people arriving from overseas. Failure to comply could result in hefty fines and even imprisonment.

It's not the same as quarantine, but it's pretty close. Our quarantine detention centers could not cope with the expected influx if we quarantined everyone.

Anyone showing symptoms or who has been exposed to the virus is placed in quarantine.
MozMary Premium
Ireland had a group of 16 travel to China during the infection and return and not self isolate, they brought it in and mingled for14 days, they continued to allow that till last week, yet are doing it again with the 20 k this week - they don't tell them to self isolate at all and it's a standstill here

if they had come in it's bad enough, zero testing zero self isolation and told to mingle in a place this small is hard to phathom...Aussie is huge by comparison

letting them fly there and back sort of is mystifying given the consequences for the entire country now