Corona COVID-19 respiratory viral infection is not 5G

Last Update: March 14, 2020

Hi guys, as someone who has mastered the research in 5G and been collaborating with 5G experts and been doing interviews and campaigns locally and internationally on that over the past year I have to speak out in light of the stream of messages I get on 'solutions' and 'causes' of 'Corona' and to clarify that COVID-19 is an infection nothing to do with 5G, according to a top herbalist in the US it's a SARS2 respiratory viral infection less fatal than SARS1 but more contagious.

Again, it has nothing to do with 5G. However those who think it is not a contagious virus are at risk of not taking precautions and passing it onto others but also not preparing themselves as well as they could.

I see Boomer's article and agree there are many simple things you can be doing to build your immune system. Unlike the medical system I would not wait till it shows up before taking things for immunity, there's a number of reasons they don't encourage natural products and none of them to do with your health - the FDA [and WHO following them closely] currently insisted herbal protocols that worked for SARS1 and are supportive to the pathways of infection at all stages of infection for corona viruses to be pulled off the shelves even though they are science backed and put together by top herbalists at trustworthy points of sale. Facebook and other social media platforms are trawling to censor information, yet again.

Also it's true many people will shake it off but unlike the majority of people I'm in the high risk group, so I'm going to focus on prevention and solution very intensely. As many of you will have noticed from the toilet roll panic buying, nothing on sale can stay on sale for long in a pandemic - it has to be backyard available in huge quantities to reach everyone and believe it or not some of the best herbs for immunity, respiratory and even corona viruses are in your backyard free eg plantain, mullein, hawthorn, elder, some of them are regarded as 'invasive species' eg Japanese Knotweed root and Kudzu

Biggest Problems

  1. Spraying with chemicals isn't just creating a species and biodiversity crisis, [how long is it since Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring'?] councils, big agri, and people spraying roundup renders the free herbs and foods in your reach poisoned.
  2. Another big problem is the info is being censored, it's an information war out there whatever way you turn these days, every subject and every platform media, online, gov
  3. Also people on meds can't just shovel herbs into themselves like some of us can, they have to look at contraindications so need professional hard to get advice. On that note there are supplements such as zinc and selenium also great for flu that people should research if they can't use the herbs.

    *I have a science background first degree is Chemistry & Applied Maths [EMF/quantum mechanics...] as well as postgraduate training in herbs, biochemistry and worked in the health field too and maybe most importantly used herbs effectively on a journey to crawl out of the medical bin against the odds.

GOAL #1 - Stop the Roundup and spraying of free herbs and foods

If we can stop the spraying this year that'd be great - I'm hearing from another top herbalist in the US that your EPA has been set back 20 years because of current politics [and lobbyists buying legislation] and there's actually going to be a rather lethal increase in chemical exposure on the cards, due to laxer legislation, maybe there's an opportunity here to put people before big business?

GOAL #2 - Let the real experts be heard, share don't copy

*I hope to do up a wesbite to have a voice on corona to share the top experts work who are threatened for speaking and show practical natural options for those of us who don't want to twiddle our thumbs and trust in 'luck' in the high risk group, given the amount of censorship online it seems to be the only way to speak.

There is a little bit of work and translation involved eg if an herbalist is in one country and you in another, your local herbs and foods have parallels most of the time. But if herbalists and scientists have already worked out how to block a corona virus from attaching to ACE2 receptors [or proved what they always used is doing that!], how to quench a cytokine storm in particular rapidly reduce certain interleukins that account for most of the damage and mortality, support and aid all aspects of lymph, lungs, immune system, endothelial cells, oxygenation deal with pneumonia...then that should be how people are thinking and what we should be allowed discuss.

...on the other hand the double edged sword that is the internet encouarages everyone to think they are an expert and 'copy' instead of sharing, and as in 5G or even in Chinese Whispers, that tends to not go so well for communicating the research and the real experts - everyone is NOT an expert in spite of Brendon Burchard's nonsense 'experts academy' business model.

GOAL #3 - Wake up and take action

The biggest offenders are not those who believe in conspiracy theories - they are a symptom of a society that censors truth and reality - they know they are deprived of truth, suspect something and grasp for explanations in the darkness that is our modern world. An example of official 'wisdom' in Ireland advice coming from the official health task force and the WHO was to let people travel to and from an affected area and not quarantine them when they got back.

Of the 90 cases in Ireland as of March 13th 2020, 16 were one group alone that travelled to an affected area and were not quarantined when they got back

83 out of 90 cases including 1 [or 2] acknowledged deaths are travellers to affected areas and those in direct contact with them not told to quarantine or even self isolate - specific instructions to mingle for 14 days until they felt unwell then self isolate!

Note also 14 days to build your immunity, why wait, just be strong, stay strong, and get strong ;)

*GOAL #4: Stop 5G, take a look at San Francisco appeals on smart as the current official advice on covid and people feeling the brunt of it already - 5G does weaken health the same biochemistry pathways as chemicals...not going to be good flu prevention strategy, an indirect therefore but not direct cause, it is a virus.


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ttabor Premium
Great stuff Mary.., thank you for bringing it up...I don't have to tell you about our Victorian government ignorance in respect of the covid-19...I am sure you heard in Ireland loud and clear about mess created by megalomaniac state leaders in Australia especially Victorian premier...overbearing fear mongering and prisoners like treatment of 5 million people in Melbourne creating economic disaster and human tragedy....and for (according to official statement) it was 42 new infections and 8 deaths (6 in their 80's and 2 in their 90's all from nursing homes)
Anyway, if you don't mind, I would love to catch up and have a conversation in respect of your health challenges and methods you use to boost your immune system...we can compare our "notes"...I am on FB (Tom Tabor)..lets connect there and we can take from there...thank you. Hope to hear from you soon...

MozMary Premium
Hi Tom, been a lot of updates since this, am getting onto a site asap- you guys have prof Borody there with his triple therapy highly censored - ivermectin [without triple therapy] is working as are two other fda approved drugs off label and a ton of herbal and integrative stuff too. I'll catch up later with new releases but I'm finding fb exceptionally bad as a tool for speaking at the mo, trolls flagging everything I say on my profile...
ttabor Premium
Hi Mary, thank you...yes I am aware of prof. T Borody's protocol and his trials in nursing places in Victoria...please let me know how we can connect....I was proposing FB as a initial way to establish outside contact. I even can't find you FB page...Thank you.
NnurseBecca Premium
I like your style of writing, very conversational. Saying 5G may be related to the ooga chakka virus aka covid cannot really be disproven at this time. 5G would not be instead of the virus, but may in fact reduce immunity. Conspiracy theories are interesting to read. Dioxin poisoning from agent orange is real, and roundup could be tied into this discussion.
I like your plan of gathering real information as well.
Just my initial thoughts after skimming over your article.
Nurse Becca
MozMary Premium
yes in the wider context hypertenion, obesity, diabetes all and any inflammatory conditions aggravate the cytokine storm inflammation and impact covid but singling out 5g and ruling out the virus is where the stop 5g groups started, they then went on to say stop the social distancing - which without boosting immunity was dangerous
AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Mary good to see you, we are currently living in unprecedented times. Many things have taken a back seat as we all grapple with the unfolding events.

At certain points in history, there are flashpoints this is one such time.

One of the best things we can do is to look at taking preventive actions. The best is to work on enhancing our immune systems and all also work on increasing our levels of fitness if possible.

Thank you for sharing this information.

Two to add to the mix good old fashioned organic apple cider vinegar daily dose and a new one Keifer, not the shop brands but the home-brewed variety; can be a bit rugged starting out.
MozMary Premium
yes, there's some great ones but they sell out in seconds in a pandemic and shops are already becoming inaccessible here in Ireland...very hard to get in and shelves bare, that could change but there's a panic situation and the threat of lockdown
MozMary Premium
how do you make your kefir - be interested to do that myself sometime
AlexEvans Premium
It is very fast-moving and we need to be nimble.
AlexEvans Premium
It is made with a bug that I got from an old lady, she was in the prime of her life at 89. You basically just add it to milk preferably untreated or organic, processed milk doesn't work that well. Leave it overnight in a warm place, cylinder cupboard. and then divide it and repeat the process.
It is the bee's knees, really helpful, with changing the gut biome, which can have some real benefits, I used it initially to build back up from overexposure to ag chemicals, I was crook as a dog for a while.

You can freeze the bug if you get too much of it. I started out full noise it was a little rugged, I later read that you are supposed to start with a little and build up, I started out sculling a glass a day too much.

I think that you would be able to get a bug online, the processed stuff ........................well processed.
DCarpenter1 Premium
Thanks, Alex
I regularly take a daily concoction of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar + Turmeric+ Cinamon+ pepper.
I will also check your recipe for Keifer

Wdcope Premium
Mary, I have taken herbals since my 30's, and now 69, so I know what I should take and most I do. Those I no longer can take is because of heart medicine I take and recommended by my cardiologist.
I do take Vit D and a mushroom formulation that does not interfere with the meds. I also take a plant based protein daily with my Probiotic. I have some sinus right now, but for the most part it all works to keep my immune system up.
Exercise great food, no sugar or low helps as well.
Appreciate the post on 5G, and will be reading more as it comes about.
MozMary Premium
yes heart meds rule out a lot of things, also it's real hard get docs who know the contraindications - I've seen a lot of contradictory advice too, mushrooms like cordyceps [and even Lion's Mane] are on the protocols I've seen but in a pandemic not everyone can access them so I'm looking at herbs everyone can reach like the plantain, kudzu, knotvveed
accad Premium
Just yesterday, I went to the drug store to buy Vitamin C but I don't know if it's a coincidence, they say they have no more in stock so they offered the spirulina (herbal tablet) claiming it has more than the normally sold vitamin C. How true is this claim?

Generally, what difference between these herbal products and other medicines sold in the drug stores when it comes to efficacy?
lesabre Premium
Hi Jimmy, most herbal products do not have the nasty side effects. I am not talking about vitamins or mineral supplements.

MozMary Premium
usually store bought stuff is pretty weak or bad quality, there's only a few good sources, big pharma lobbyists have done a lot of work to eliminate competition over the years

yes the greens are high in C, citrus too - food based is usually going to be higher - in a pandemic it'll all be sold outo

there's some specific herbs help with immunity and lungs and inflammation in SARS pathways /coronaviruses
accad Premium
Thank you.