20 Week Traffic Challenge Starting a Website Week 1

Last Update: January 30, 2019

Week 1 of my 20 week traffic challenge: I introduced this challenge in a blog here last week when I heard about the 5G Space Appeal to stop the launching of satellites in June to blanket the earth in higher frequency radiation than has ever been used before, with no place to hide from it.

You will now see me build a website and niche out step by step here from the WA training starting at step 1, based around something I'm passionate about but not an expert in. The model will fit many of you starting up no matter what your niche. You realize it only takes 30 seconds to build a website with the sitebuilder tool here at WA, so step 1 may surprise some of you, niche research.

Niche Research

  1. WHAT: I had to find out what this 5G thing was and what was going on with satellites, I'd heard some people in the health niche flapping their wings about it but they had never actually communicated anything to me but now I'm hearing stronger, denser, no escape. And something missing from every official conversation is the health risks, denied.
  2. WHO: Who are the main players in the niche - this is a most important step that most people miss because we are NOT talking about the top websites out there as those can all be strategically placed top of the SERPs and rank and position are not an indicator of truth or quality.

When it comes to 5G some of the main players include:

  • The tech industry themselves and their promotional materials
  • The national media & politicians /funnily enough they go together these days
  • The whistleblowers & scientists not in the pockets of industry
  • The engineers outside of digital marketing groups who make emf-safe zones for people sensitive to emf ie real experts
  • People sensitive to emf
  • Survey local people and social media friends all with a big reach in their communities
  • Other websites

3. Why: I'm already sensitive to 3G and 4G, and anything higher stronger denser than these is an absolute no brainer, add to that there's blanket coverage with the satellites and boom, no escape. I know others who have been on the run in Canada with 4G and extremely ill, and then the United Nations staff member who had to leave Austria with the 5G rollout leaves me thinking I've got to stop this and carve out a space for myself not only in the niche but on this planet...

*Something that occurred to me this week is they are rolling out 5G either denying some of us are injured with 4G or not caring that some of us are injured. What sort of future is that to stampede over physically weak people for a new phone?! And what sort of doctors and government deny emf now?

4. Where: Global and local and outer space as regards the 5G rollout. But also deeply embedded in our lives in terms of ''billions'' of internet connected devices being launched onto the market in the 'Internet of Things'.

It seems to have come from nowhere - the goalposts have moved from one minute talking about pollution and plastics and the environment and how to avoid smart meters to suddenly 'living the dream lifestyle with billions of new /plastic metal toxic/ internet connected devices involving 20,000 satellites polluting our atmosphere and governing every aspect of our daily lives whether we want them or not, and their connectivity is beamed right through our bodies, whether we like it or not 24/7

5. When: Right now, and this is the tickler - it has been well thought out years back but somehow kept hush, because these 'smart home' devices have been worming into our lives a few years now. Take a look at the leaflet I got from a utility company today asking me to switch my electircity to them and get a free gift of 3 things - An Amazon echo, Amazon dot and a Climote device. Another company offered me a device last year that would connect with my oil tank, I said no, that it was clearly unnecessary. And my neighbour walks around his tiny house with a device in his pocket to tell him precisely how much electricity he is using at any moment in time which he got free with his smart meter....totally unecessary. A better device would be an EMF meter and the cheapest 'good one' I'm hearing about costs £149 on amazon.co.uk, so THERE is a device worthy of having and with a decent commission to an affiliate marketer too. There are better ones twice the price of course.

**and has anyone noticed they are putting devices in every home that will resource wiki as 'truth' top of the SERPs?!! See my blog on wiki wars for the strategic lies on wiki re health niche.

    Compile Resources

    In addition to the nuggets that came up in the niche research and the many doors they keep opening, I added some of the following:

    • Course lectures from the engineer Michael Neuert at emfcenter.com
    • The EMF summit by Lloyd Burrell, whose approach I thought was very weak but I took his material and asked for a refund inside the 30 days as I just can't support slimey marketing or weak content and I'll wade through the trash to glean out the nuggets.
    • Loyd also runs a monthly membership group where he allows you to access information for $20 a month. Now, that is NOT how to get a message out to the masses and achieve massive change enough to stop the 5G rollout and Tech industry inside 20 weeks, so I'll be hopping in there for a month to get the scoop then invest my spondoolees somewhere better, because there is better and that Brendon Burchard style marketing is the way NOT to get your message heard and understood.

    But I notice there's an overload of information out there on the net, none of it being communicated properly so it's not going to be about overload - it's about understanding and communicating basic truths in our own voice.

    Preliminary action steps:

    1. Sharing on social media - discovered people all over the world were in the dark as much as me and were willing to research and share it with their friends.

    2 Surveying local people about what is going on here, and how much they knew - despite listening to the national news every day they knew nothing at all. Seeing who is doing what and where and how.

    *When I saw Vodafone telling a government minister to 'fight our corner' in Europe and make sure the future design of cars goes 'their' way, I actually wrote to the minister and told him to get out of Vodafone's pocket and fight the people's corner.

    3. Writing an article a day - it's easy when I saw the national news was twisting words and omitting information. In fact the deviousness of the language used in their news articles made me realize something big was going on here.

    *Only one article per day because it was a busy week with other commitments to finish off. You know we can write articles into SiteContent and publish to the website any time we want.

    4. Networked with other WA members on 5G and SEO

    5. First draft of the menu and pages for the website done with pen and paper, because once I hit click on the website builder then I want that structure in place, then we can go back and make sure we've done all the things Kyle has told us to do as he is setting it up for SEO, and then some extra training as things come up either from Magistudios or some experienced member like MarionBlack or Labman, the search bar makes it hard to find peeps these days, hint hint ;)

    Affiliate programs

    Well I didn't set out into this niche to sell something but I realize helping people detect EMFs in their home, and protecting themselves, there's going to be a lot of products here and some are high priced with good commissions

    • EMF meters
    • Protective clothing
    • Protective building materials
    • Education Materials to prevent and to recover from some types of emf sensitivity
    • Antioxidants and health protocols for recovery
    • Phone shielding devices like Defender Shield

    I'm not really going to promote crystals for emfs nor grounding sheets because I've heard man with the meter Michael Neuert from EMFcenter.com talk about how these don't work so well.

    Coming Soon - The actual website!

    So I hope you see what I've been saying all along in here:

    • content
    • original sources
    • researching sources and facts
    • covering different opinions

    - all go into a website, imo.

    **Veni, Vidi, Vici - "I came, I saw, I conquered", Julius Cesear.**


    Update:I just saw a link Noteboom left on a blog showing the sort of things he can see an hour down the road from him, with him it's ice, with others elsewhere it's coral destruction, and everywhere the animals are suffering, humans too but not so many pics of that out there!

    It's good to see the bigger picture of 'the dream lifestyle' industries are trying to sell us. *Though the plastic speaks for itself, it's always wise to go to the original source and check out all images before uploading them to your site, http://menn.is/tuttugu-othaegilegar-natturumyndir-10-ara-ask...<---I tracked down the original source of these and found it to be Bored Panda, and not all their images are accurate, but some are so exercise caution before quoting something.

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    beachwood Premium
    Good stuff, thanks for this great info!
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    Thanks Chris!
    brichnow21 Premium
    Great info, Mary!
    I'm just getting back and restructuring, my website. Back to basics, including "recharging my attitude" ! This piece is very, timely.
    I'm most excited, about the "writing on paper" , first! Repairing mistakes, is not fun.
    Your passion resonates, as well! I feel a winner, for you, Mary!
    Look forward to the other great info to come.
    Thanks, again, as always, so informative!
    brichnow21 Premium
    BTW... I have a 4G BlackBerry, which I will use, 'til it dies!!
    MozMary Premium
    Thanks for the kind words Barb!
    MBartley Premium
    Hi Erica, I was excited when I first heard about 5G thinking I would be able to get internet anywhere we parked the RV, but now I am concerned, if we don't have our health we don't have anything.

    Thanks for the post.

    lynnsam61 Premium

    The more learn about the 5G roll-out the more disturbed I am. You are doing God's work and wishing you the best with the website. Everyone needs to know more about what's going on!

    MozMary Premium
    Thanks Erica, all encouragement very welcome! Yep, have to stay cool but it's probably the most serious thing in human history to date! Just seems to be such a U turn on environmental issues too, makes no sense at all, and to hear them give their reasons

    They used to talk about wearing sun cream to block radiation and how dangerous that was, now we'll need 5G cream!

    'more products being sold, more equipment, more mobile services' = 'growth' that's not even those against 5G, that's the pro 5G peeps saying that is why it is essential...so focused on dollars they don't even see anything else. And they keep using the words 'speed' but that is not our internet browsing speed, that is for holographic calls and the 'dream life of Startrek'!
    lynnsam61 Premium
    It’s so crazy I totally agree. And the worst part is that so many people are still clueless. This is like watching a train wreck ready to happen :(
    MozMary Premium
    I'm looking at news reports where they told the people 5 things you need to know about 5G - none of those 5 things include health concerns, they are using wiki references which are over 20 years outdated on safety

    then the introduce it as 'like 4G it is radio frequencies' people don't even see or hear the other end of the sentence that says 'stronger higher frequencies, denser network, never used before'..

    and then they say 'like TV and radio and garage remote controls' - ouch ouch ouch such deliberate use of language to play it down as 'same old same old' when 'the internet of things' are all connected to the stronger frequencies...

    then they use deliberate misdirection and confusion with speed too, and include as a footnote that there is actually better technology available to us for internet and that's gigabit fibre optic

    - people don't know because they wanted it rolled out too far to unroll it...
    LKick Premium
    Wow, You go girl
    MozMary Premium
    lol, thanks! :)