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Joined September 2014
Update: Had been on a break, but I'm back!

Regarding my username, I had no idea about the 'other' Moz out there when I chose this as my WA username. I had simply filled out so many online requests at the time looking for usernames that in going through the joining process for WA I was out of ideas and just did a lazy take on my initials. So I was blown away when I discovered the coincidence and like to see it as a sign of great future online success :D

Most people think Moz is a man, so I should add that this is a she-Moz :)

The pics on the profile are of the forest beside me, so when I go for a walk that is the view.

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docub Premium
Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate Community! Thank you for following me, welcome to my Tribe and Network and I have returned the favor and followed you back.

I wish you all the best here at WA and if you need something or have questions hit me up and I'll do my best to get the information you need.

To Your Success!
ETZEL Premium

Folowing is not a simple click !

Folowing means that you feel the shadow of your follower and vice versa !

I added you a few day ago and I like to visit your site and leave you a comment on your site !

To know each other better I invite you to visit my site too a leave a comment !



Moz Premium
Well I like your style! Just visited you site, it is fun with the Latin quotes! My site is a work in process, I haven't had time actually to make it half decent yet but I will take up your offer for a comment later!
mcleana1 Premium
Hello there Mary. I love your username, Moz. It's so "MOD" :-)). Thank you for your follow. I will follow you back.

Oh, and by the way, we are in the process of looking to buy land. I will take your "neighboring forest" pic along for inspiration. :-)) :-))

To Your Continued Success!
Moz Premium
:D hope you get a lovely place!
larryeden Premium
Hello Moz just dropping by to say Hi you have accomplished a lot hope I get the same thing done so I got to get going to , My hobbies are I like deer hunting fishing and I do a little boating at times and I watch a good movie on Netflix some time and I have done a tour in Vietnam also good luck may god bless
Compsol99 Premium
Thank you very much for following me. Best of luck to you in your endeavors.
Shawn - Yearly Premium Member

P.S. Please check out my websites on my profile page to get an idea of what the Wealthy Affiliate training can do for you. Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated.
PSheridan Premium
Hello and welcome to WA. Thanks for the follow. Wishing you much success and prosperity here. Here is a link to my thought for the day.
spurway Premium
Hello Moz
Nice to meet you here at WA. Thank you for the follow and all the best in achieving your goals at Wealthy Affiliate. It is a pleasure networking with you and the community here at WA. It is a great place to be here, if you get stuck just ask, there will always be someone here to help you.
Cheers Sylvia
Steve1958 Premium
Thanks very much for following me...
It's great to make contact with you & I wish you all the best & much success with your internet marketing business!
You'll do well here & we're in good hands!
Best wishes...

HERE'S A TIP FOR YOU... A good habit, as you start your WA journey, is to click on the LIKE button for every comment you receive...it results in benefits down the line for all of us!

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Moz Premium
Thanks, Steve. But the rank system is too flawed for me to believe in, been there and done that. I'm here for the training and fun. See you around.
HelenpDoyle Premium
Moz, I was going to follow you ages ago but when I went in to do so you had 'disappeared'. I saw something today that told me you had come back (I am probably a bit slow on this).

Hope all the s**t is now not hitting the fan!

So I going to tick the follow box.

I read your stuff on the apparent censorship. I was going to comment but read right through and it looks like the explanation has been given.

I do agree with you about censorship as the entity deciding this probably has a personal agenda. Especially if there is something with lots of lobbying power behind them.
Moz Premium
Thanks, Helen! Great to meet you. Yes, I'm back! WA is a great place for learning and I made some great friends, but yeah I met the dark side too, but I'm not going to let it win ;)

Love your profile pics! WOW! See you around, and every success!

billybrown1 Premium
Hi Moz,
Good to hear from you and thanks for the follow, I hope all is going well for you.
I am working on my website right now and would really appreciate your opinion if you have a few minutes to look at it. The best of luck for the future.


Moz Premium
That is an amazing site and what fast work - looking forward to the updates! Which course[s] and what levels have you already covered at WA?
billybrown1 Premium
Thanks Moz,
I have just finished Affiliate Bootcamp Course 1, starting on Course 2 tomorrow.

TeddyC Premium
Hi Moz's, welcome aboard. I have no idea of what I am doing at this point. I have tried many things on the internet and spent close to 20,000 dollars on scams. I hope WA is the answer to my prayers. I am not getting any younger and sure could use the extra income. God Bless.
Moz Premium
Thanks! Wow, that's a lot of money spent on scams- but you can put all that experience to good use in Affiliate Bootcamp by writing up your own reviews using your experience, people will be glad you are saving them losing that much by falling into the same traps you did, and you can get paid to direct them to the good training here - which is not expensive and goes way past anything I've seen anyone else offer. Enjoy the training!
gildabitt Premium
Thanks for following me Moz!!! I just have a question, and is why you are not facing as a real person, even your very good website doesn't show your picture, so it's no way to imaging you as a person, and I truly believe that if you let people know who you really are, you can add more credibility to your business. Just a humble suggestion.