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Naganco Premium
Welcome back to WA. Let me know if I can help.
Gailee Premium
Hi nice to meet you, I also am fairly new and still yet to find a niche, but I am sure I will get there. Have you found a niche yet?
mousehouse2 Premium
Nice to meet you as well.

Yes I chose the niche text message marketing, Bought my domain and am working on the website tweaking. I've written 2 articles and got to step 5 but have to go back as something is wrong with my site so my article got rejected from streetarticles.com A lot to learn here for sure!
Labman Premium
Welcome to the discussion. Hope you can participate this time. If I can be of help let me know.
mousehouse2 Premium
Well, I have been a member since 2009 and really never did anything with WA. I would always be overwhelmed with all the stuff on the screen so never did anything. I have just signed up for a 30 day class. I am sticking to it and with receiving an e-mail everyday with what to do, I will be taken by the hand.