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Last Update: January 18, 2019

I have been a in Wealthy Afiliate for almost 3 month now, and I don't know if my progress is fast enough so far, I am reading alomost every post within WA, about other people success and progress, some of them 6 month other 3 months or 2 months, and I am feeling that I am so still so far behind to reach for this people progress.

I am still working 9 to 5 job to pay my bills and building my buisness in WA, working after my job at night, I am putting all the effort that I can to reach the fastest progress.

Anyway, before I found WA website, I knew nothing about building website or writing content even I didn't know what is ''content'' means )), it is funny but yes it is true. and so much things also,

  • what is URL
  • how to write thousands of words content
  • what is a ''niche''
  • what is ''wordpress''
  • what is back office
  • how to customise my menu or widget...
  • what is a ''theme'' and how to choose one
  • what is a ''blog''

Basically my computer skills was less than zero in this field, and so far I have learned this all things in just less than 3 months and I am now completed level 2 training jumping to level 3, and I have written more than 25000 words content in my website, but comparing my self to other successful people in the WA community, I am feeling that I am too much behind in my progress.

So Im letting this to the community to let me know if my progress good or too slow, but please be honest with me).

My Niche

I started the WA training in first of November 2018, and I started to build my website which about fitness and training and supplements, I have chosen this niche because I have been doing sport since I was 17 years old, and I love to stay fit and healthy and help other people to stay fit and healthy also.

I started to go to GYM consistently since first of March 2013, and thank God Im still training and going to my job and at night working on my buisness, I like to have nice built body and good round muscles and being strong.

Going to the GYM thought me lots of things that I can apply in my life, Because in my opinion struggling in the GYM to build muscle is the same exactly struggling in life to be successfull, you can't have good muscles unless you have the pain and muscle failure while doing your repetition until it passes one month and you see that your muscles became bigger and stronger out of failing. you can not lift 50 KG until you go through 1 Kilogram.

Same thing goes in life, if you don't go through the pain and struggle, you will not have the success that you want, I failed in other kind of buisnesses, but I will never give up until I succeed, because this is what I learned in the GYM and applying now into my life.

That is why I started with my fitness niche because it is my passion and I love working out in the GYM and I will work in my buisness the same effort and more that I am putting in the GYM.

Did I make any money?

Building a buisness takes time and consistancy, if you ask me that if I made money until now? the answer is NO, but I believe that I will make soon if I keep working offcourse.

In my opinion the money that I made till now is the knowledge that I gained from the WA in three months, and everyday the more knowledge I take the more value I am putting into my self and the more I'm developing myself.

I am very happy after the first day I started in WA, because I said to myself that finally I found it. I found the place where I can learn and develope and increase my value, even if I didn't made any dollar yet until now, but I am happy because I'm gaining the knowlegde ad value to turn it into money very soon, because you get paid if you become more vauleable in the market place.

So, in my opninion don't get sad why you didn't made any money yet, unless if you are not working, but if you are working and keep progressing and keep putting value on yourself and the market, don't be afraid, becasue the money will come soon when you are ready.

Be happy enjoy your life, enjoy your buisness, set your goals, be positive and you will attract all the positive things in life, and work towards success.

My Plans for the next 3 months and 6 months

It is important to have plan in your buisness and in life in general, because without a plan you are just drifting around, you are lost, planning your life what keeps you consistance in your life and buisness, because you know what are you going to do tommorow and the other day and next week and the next coming months.

I don't believe in having plan A and plan B, if you can not achieve your plan A you can not achieve the plan B either, in my opinion you should have only one goal that your plan will lead to that goal.

You can not have two different plans towards the same goal, but you can divide your one plan into periods, for example: your achievment for the first month, then for the next month, then the fourth month, according what you will accomplish and according your consistancy, but you should promise yourself that you will put the work that is needed to achieve your plan, it is a responsibility.

My plan for the next 3 months to complete my first website and start to earn profit from my fitness website, it is not necessary how much money, but what is important for to see that my website is working.

My next 6 months plan is to finish my next website and start to bring a decent amount of income from both websites which it will cover my expenses and my vacation expense.

I think this is not a very big goal to six month, But if I accomplish this I will be very happy for the start, and towards success and financial freedom.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, and gained some information, Thank you very much for taking the time to read, please feel free to leave comment and discuss.

My Regards


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moses023 Premium
Thank you all for your support and motivation.
phollett Premium
Hi Moses,

A great post and with your attitude, you will succeed.I have been here since May and have made $138.00, which I am very proud of because like you I had very little computer knowledge, and I think as Andre said "we enjoy the process and the money will follow".

We are in the right place to make it happen.Someone else here reminded me to, that I keep doing it until it works.

I wish you lots of success.

apache1 Premium
Hi Moses

Don't worry about whether your progress is fast or not and no need to compare to others either.

You also need to remember is that you have a full-time job as well so that will take some time off your online job as well.

Just focus on what needs to be done and work at your own pace.

You have achieved so much as you stated yet there have been many here who have been here in WA longer than you and have not completed their training nor tasks requested.

They may show course completed but you can tell otherwise with their question that has already been covered in the training.

You are doing great

Remember what you said?

You never even knew what content was let alone writing content but you did and you also learned a lot more in the short 3 months that you have been here.

Give yourself a well deserved and well-earned pat on the back for what you have already achieved to date.

Keep going forward, always believe in yourself and what you do and as you enjoy this process the money will follow along the way.

Wishing you great success in 2019

moses023 Premium
gurugifts Premium
hi moses hard work can be seen in yr blog i think you have to still work hard untill you find sucess keep goin my best wishes to you