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Last Update: August 10, 2018

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk to you about a paid content option I used to use and want to recommend to those of you who are struggling with writing your own content. As you know, content is KING.

And if you're not a good writer (for whatever reason), please will click off your website.

In one of my posts, I talked about outsourcing. Today I want to talk specifically about a paid conent option that's affordable to anyone.

It's called iWriter.com

I discovered iWriter years ago, and I used to use it a lot. Then I switched over to Textbroker. But Textbroker is too expensive, so I went back to iWriter. I am so happy to say they have improved over the years.

With iWriter, a 500-word article written by a standard writer will only cost you $5.50. A 500-word article written by a Premium writer will cost you $6.00. A 700-word article written by a Premium writer will cost you $7.80.

You may have to tweak it a tiny bit if you use a Standard writer, but it's still excellent work because many Standard writers are excellent and they're aspiring to become Premium and Elite writers.

How to Get The Best Quality Article Written

In order to get the best possible writing from iWriter, I find that it's important to give them a template of how you want your article written.

If you provide a clear template, then it will increase the quality of the articles you get.

You’re not going to write the article for them, you're just giving them a clear framework. And always give them the name of your title to your article. Use something like "3 Tips to __________"

Articles using "XX Tips..." is always a sure bet.

Here's an example template to give them.

Article Title: "7 Tips for Getting Quality Backlinks"

Introductory Paragraph








Conclusory Paragraph

In fact, you can use this format for yourself when you write your own articles. It's so much easier when it's laid out this way, and your articles will be higher quality because your ideas aren't scattered all over the place.

If you found this article helpful, please leave your comments below.

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JWhite5 Premium
Thank you very much!! I will look into it Shalisha
Mokangel Premium
Thanks so much Money Magnet 3. I feel I need some help with my writing content. If my blogs here are a way to scale my writing work. I didn't even think about hiring someone. So for those of us who cannot afford to hire a writer but need to improve there writing skills. What do you suggest besides the template you provided above. I do have Grammarly but of course I also need to upgrade for the full editor. So any other reliable sources you can suggest for us newbies or struggling content writers. On the real I am just getting familiar with the meaning of content writing for a blog a an affiliate marketers point of view. No rush, I know you have your work but when you have time. A reply or point in direction would be nice.

Have a WAnderful work day!

MoneyMagnet3 Premium
Use the same template I provided in the article. Actually, PM me.
Mokangel Premium
Ok I'll work with your template and suggestions first with my next community blog attempt and see how I do. I will also do a bit more blog reading here on WA community to see if I can understand how to write my content better. I do have a favs. If I'm still not doing so well then I'll PM.

MKearns Premium
Useful to check out for employment opportunities!
FranchescaK Premium
Thank you for this. I was looking online for something like this.
Eugene Premium
Thanks for the tip, appreciate