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I am based in UK and In my other blog I questioned about this topic. The reason has been because most of affiliate marketing/products are based in US. e.g Amazon, ebay. The payments are either through paypal if you are lucky or through vouchers. Cheques are mentioned as well but postal services are always risky. I have gone through various resources and found out that if you are foreign national (alien as per Internal Revenue Service (IRS)), you are eligible to get ITIN with your first tax retu
I am almost finishing course 2 and based in UK. A question came up in while I was looking for affliate programmes. Most are US based e.g Amazon, ebay and they ask for inside or outside US tax ID which could be easily obtained by respective tax offices. Unfortunately, if you are not from US, they will pay you eitheter via vouchers or pay by checque. Both ways you lose more money to sell your vouchers on other websites or paid by cheque and pay fee for that. Not everybody pay through paypal as w
January 02, 2016
Well this is my first ever blog. I am a medical professional. I always had a desire to learn about running an online business.Well it's never too late. I stumbled across project breakthrough recently which is a 14days online free business program by HTA. Well I started it but on second it started asking to sign up for 300$/month of membership. I thought I should learn a bit more before I should start investing in it so I googled it and came across WA which seems a good place to start. It is my