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May 25, 2016
We have busy lives either working from home or offices. But the thing we forget is that healthy body has healthy mind.Keep yourself active. One of the initiatives is parkrun. It's international run where you can run 5km every week on Saturday with hundreds to thousands of people in parks near you. Enjoy junior park run with you kids which is 2km on Sunday. Register and take bar code with you which will keep track of your runs on their website. Very motivational as there is a healthy competition
If you are in affiliate marketing, we tend to start putting links of the businesses we want to promote straight away. Actually, we do not realise that the main asset in this is the referral (leads) you are sending through rather than the commission. Think Wisely.
May 05, 2016
Like any social media, YouTube scams are very common. I have listed few here to be aware of. Fake Threatening emails:Google or YouTube scam email about your video that it has repeatedly violated community guidelines and threatens with account suspension. YouTube Music Key:If you have Google play all access subscription then you have free access to music key. Some people have been tricked into paying for both.Abuse and Pranks:Pretend abuse or fake abuse or pranks are very common which are usuall
May 04, 2016
May 02, 2016
ord of wisdom and True if you believe.
April 27, 2016
I am persisting with my online marketing Journey.Mohammad
April 16, 2016
Facebook is continuously targeted by thousands of scammers.Free Stuff: You will see a number of ads related to the following. It is always tempting but be careful.Food passes or Free Supermarket VouchersFree airline tickets and holidaysFree GadgetsIncrease return on your investmentProfile scam:Scammers can request a friend request from your fake profile and invite your friendsRepeat friends request from your known friends – investigate further. Who has seen your profile. That page is usua
I am a newbie in online marketing and I am working on a niche. I had so many ideas but it seems affiliate site is an easy option but then I presume nearly everybody on WA would have a website on that niche. I had a little knowledge about affiliate marketing, PPC marketing, social media marketing. I started making a affiliate marketing website which as I started, I realized its a deep 'well'. What should be different in my website which is that unique that it generates traffic?I have been consta