Facebook Scams

Last Update: April 16, 2016

Facebook is continuously targeted by thousands of scammers.

Free Stuff: You will see a number of ads related to the following. It is always tempting but be careful.

Food passes or Free Supermarket Vouchers

Free airline tickets and holidays

Free Gadgets

Increase return on your investment

Profile scam:

Scammers can request a friend request from your fake profile and invite your friends

Repeat friends request from your known friends – investigate further.

Who has seen your profile. That page is usually a malicious software.

Foolish women/ extreme movie clips/X-rated clips/Funny videos:

Usually associated with phishing or malicious link.

Facebook messages:

Message about suspicious activity or a forbidden/racial comments/security messages has been uploaded from your account. This is a phishing link.

Survey scams:

Complete few steps to earn a prize or coupon.

Online Quizzes, Hoaxes and Rumours:

Common scam.

Religious messages:

Videos or pictures of religious extremist beating a person to death. These are usually malicious videos.

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MKearns Premium
Good reminder. No matter what activity of media you are involved with there is constant spying and mimicking trollers. By now I have a trashable6th sense.
mobader Premium
Ericabried Premium
Hi Mohammed, thanks. We have to be continually aware.
Buddle Premium
Thanks, Mohammed. As Debbi says - WHEREVER you are online, beware.
Debbi26 Premium
No matter WHAT you're doing online (or offline for that matter), you have to beware! There are a lot of creeps out there these days. ~Debbi
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Mohammad, I too have noticed this activity, thank you for detailing it here for us. Being aware is the main thing.
mobader Premium
I totally agree, bottom line is to be aware of threats.