Questions by MMarcus 19

Would you visit small businesses to sell digital services?
As some of you know, I took that route. I realized I could help small…
1 month ago 1 Reply
How to replace paid domains?
I have an unused site that I'd like to change the name and domain. How…
3 months ago 8 Replies
Do you use paid ads of any source? facebook, google, etc.
Facebook and Google Ads have got to be the hottest and most effective…
1 year ago 27 Replies
Where do you want to be this time next year?
Be specific at where you'd like to be spending your 2018/2019 new year…
1 year ago 48 Replies
What's the procedure on taking over a client's website?
Say you're recommending improvements, including redesigning a prospect…
1 year ago 18 Replies
Do you provide services to local competing clients?
One of the services I'm providing to my local marketing business is social…
1 year ago 28 Replies
Do you sell your own products/services on your niche site?
As I'm providing online marketing services to small businesses in my town…
1 year ago 30 Replies
Do you have different affiliates on your woocommerce shop?
I’m using the plugin to build a shop and using Instagram to bring…
1 year ago 13 Replies
Have you used your wa skills to start a different business?
Some of you already know I've been using the skills I learned here to…
1 year ago 44 Replies
Do you capitalize the "i" in the word "internet" on blogs?
I've done some research and found out the biggest majority of the people…
1 year ago 50 Replies
Have you got into an argument with another wa member?
Civil arguments about SEO advice or the best autoresponder plug in for…
1 year ago 85 Replies
Have you shared a customer's site with a designer?
I'm working on providing online marketing services to small businesses…
1 year ago 14 Replies
Do you think the photo on my site homepage is too casual?
As you go to my Bootcamp site (link on the bottom right of my WA profile)…
1 year ago 37 Replies
How can we profit from the upcoming fifa world cup?
It's the biggest and most viewed event in the world. Basically, two thirds…
1 year ago 28 Replies
Have you got commissions from ads you posted on craigslist?
I'm a member of a few Craigslist groups on Facebook in my town. And I've…
1 year ago 33 Replies
Am I missing seo information here?
As I click in Posts on my Dashboard, I notice the three SEO column cells…
1 year ago 6 Replies
How to comment on sites using gravatar?
I'm in Kyle's Give and Take blog looking at all the requests for comments.…
1 year ago 7 Replies
Shall I reply comments using my name or admin?
I've seen people using both and I'm trying to decide what to do. I'm guessing…
1 year ago 7 Replies
Can a website be too big or too small?
Newbie here (September 2017). Got my first site up and running, am halfway…
1 year ago 4 Replies