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Last Update: October 05, 2017

Not sure if that means much but Ido see every day (based on my activity) that I'm getting a little more popular within the community. And it's only been 2 weeks! I have to be honest; I've been working long hours since I started. And that's because I got a full time job. Basically, I get home every day, play with my daughter and dog (if there'sno surf), cook dinner, and put the little one to sleep and WORK ON MY OWN BUSINESS FROM 9-1AM. Gosh, I’ve never felt so much excitement before!

Let me tell you what I accomplishedso far;

-Got my first website up and running

-Finished level 1 of the training(currently at 75% of level 2)

-Wrote 2 posts on my site

-Got my first post indexed

-Got my first 100 followers

-Wrote about 10 site feedbacks

-Wrote about 10 site comments

-Wrote 3 WA posts

-Asked 3 WA questions

-Went from 200,000th to 4100th inthe rank

-Got an idea for a second niche

Is this a good list?

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FeltonT Premium
I think you're doing great. Stay focused,
Shelley1960 Premium
Whoa MMarcus!!! You are rocking it! I'm working hard to catch up (and overtake!!!! LOL) to you. Keep up the good work.
ErnieJamison Premium
That's all good. All the hard work will pay off. It's the only way.
Kickbacked Premium
You are moving up!

You have some great people on your network who will help you!
Kickbacked Premium
Your moving up!