Letting your girl WIN the fight

Last Update: July 25, 2016

Hi Guys, I rarely write blogpost on wealthy affiliate as some of you might know that I have been spending a lot of time building my website content.

So as the title appears, I wanted to share with you guys about my life experience. It has been really tough and the journey with my girlfriend is always about fighting and arguments. Looking back we actually have been together about 6 years + now, has our relationship gone dry till today? You'll find out

Sometimes it takes perseverance and commitment everyday to light things up and bring the relationship to live again.

Working Things out Properly

Well, I am not here to tell you about how great I was to my fiancé but is really about both coming together and working things out as one. We both came from different backgrounds and always have conflict among each other with our mindset, how we think, how we carry out our personal life.

Recently, we were traveling back from Malaysia and got caught up with things then we had a disagreement about some issue. As usual, I am always thinking about the do's and don'ts and without realising I cause the whole situation to become worse and the argument is endless. Not only we were correcting each other but we didn't realise that forgiving was an option to solve the issue. I am very prideful and hard headed about what is right and wrong but my fiancé thinks that is not the main problem. So we did not only disrupted our plans ahead and also got pissed off with each other.

Letting go of the Past, so you can move forward...

Then today my girlfriend told me, hey Matt I think we need to move on. I was shock at first thinking that she wanted to leave me, but she said this.

I think we need to start letting go about what has happen in the past, those hurt and sadness. Because the main reason we always fight is because we have use the past experience to decide about how we should treat a person. But in a relationship that is not the case, when 2 person coming together they need to improve to be better for each other.

Forgetting the past is nearly impossible, but actually deciding what to do now makes the different. Then she added saying, why not we start changing ourselves instead of having expectation on each other. Because the fact is, as human we make mistake but if we can decide to change ourselves first and that is unconditional love.

After hearing this I broke down and cried, I was touched by her commitment towards this relationship and it was then I knew I needed to do the same so that we both can move towards a greater life. She's really blessing in my life and this time she not only WON over the fight but also my heart.

Well, here's the short part of my personal life. I realise that the past actually prevent and haunt you from achieving greater things in life.

Start NOW

You always need to remind yourself that, the past does not determines who you are in the future. This life value is not much different compared to Wealthy Affiliate because being able to achieve your business goal you need to be able to think right and there are a lot of changing to take place. If you are being stuck at your current situation, please don't be down or de-motivated about the past failures. That is not going to help you in anything, so start changing your mindset today. Don't worry about not being able to catch up, everyone has their own pace and run your own race. Remember you are not running for others.

Weekend with my Fiancé

Here is a picture of us spending time in Malaysia.

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JudeP Premium
That's a great take on why we shouldn't let the past control the future. By the way, she's beautiful! :)