What it takes to be a go getter

Last Update: February 13, 2018

Many times a problem can only be resolved by what is called a complete teardown and rebuild. A house is old and falling apart . The timbers are dilapidated.

You can even go in and pull the floors and other components apart piecemeal and replace. But It's too dangerous. the floor can cave in or fixtures can come loose and fall on you.

The best solution is often a complete bulldozing, razing and rebuild

Such solutions often invite themselves! The results are invariably an improvement

The go getter spirit exhibits this in the great mentoring initiatives here!

We often are faced with this situation here in Wealthy Affiliate A website is a great example. You might need

  • a new theme
  • different plugins
  • a new niche
  • new décor and text
  • a remake of certain pages - about me, terms and conditions, privacy policy, home page
  • linking strategy
  • keyword enrichment
  • sitemap for Google bots
In some cases a site can be so convoluted it's just easier to Flippa it and start fresh with lessons learned!

Wishing you the joy and fulfillment of perfected creation! Mike

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AlanJE Premium
Sound advice Mike, Best Alan
LTMLifestyle Premium
I love your analogy, so true and very helpful. Thanks Mike
JulietAA Premium
So true
Thanks Mike
sheikave Premium
You only have to be right once and you will be all set.
DrTad Premium
Many thanks Mike.
denara2017 Premium
Thank you Mike
RobertLeier2 Premium
like post thanks
CowboyJames Premium
Very good Mike. Thank you for sharing.

Enjoy your day
Lazyblogger Premium
Great Proverb, And you cannot break the egg if you don't have one. A Gogetter is what we have thought way back from the Master Mentor. Action is always our first step'
Seek and he shall........
Knock and it will......
Ask and it shall be....
Sow and you shall.......

That is the traits of a Gogetter, It never comes to you. Thank you for the post, Michael.
buffetearns Premium
SondraM Premium
Mike, thank you for sharing this.

I never heard that proverb before yet it speaks to me so much that I'm thinking I should make a poster or at least a calender page with it.

Very inspirational! Plus I may be having an epithany moment right now too. I feel another niche idea coming on.....
MKearns Premium
I just realized Sondra you can have thousands of ideas hatching in your domain! LOL
kmer6 Premium
You are right, Mike, sometimes its easier to start over fresh instead of making deep cuts and sacrifices to an established site. It is easier to see the road ahead and stay on course. A good reminder.
JerryMcCoy Premium
great advice
Melissa901 Premium
Yep I think I have been doing almost all of those on that list. lol
Nadja3 Premium
True... We have to break a lot inside of us... to get new skills and sometimes the right attitude.
seisbart Premium
As usual Mike, great post. If something does not work, gut it and redo. Makes a lot a sense
rlawson47 Premium
I think all of us struggle with the decision of what to "re-do" and what to get rid of from time to time. The key is not to get hung up worrying about it, just do something. If it's not right, then fix it!
MarkBa Premium
Lots of broken eggs around at WA right now I would think.

AaronGriffin Premium
Good post. Good way of looking at a possible failing site or nishe. Not saying that anything is failing, because it's not. It's just constantly changing I would say. Got me thinking. Thank you Michael.
iJared Premium
I don't like liking this! I am doing it as we type!
Marsh71 Premium
Nice one, thank you for this Michael. Mahesh
benandnili Premium
I loved the very first graphic - shared it with my wife!
BradB18 Premium
Totally agree with you Mike