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Last Update: August 03, 2019

The best solutions to processes are those that are upward looking. This model shows an investigative and forward-looking approach which has developed and elevated many a business.

The pattern appears to be repetitive at first glance. This follows a tree step basic approach. 1.gather data, 2..mull solutions and 3. implement solutions. On second glance though there is a twist. This is more than rinse and repeat!.

If you have a washer and dryer that improves on each cycle on each go round, you have the purpose of this model. We instinctively hiit upon the purpose every time we say "onward and upward" in Wealthy Affiliate.

The secret is this. Every time you complete the steps in a building process, look at them as an upward trending spiral rather than as "spinning one's wheels" rinse and repeat operation. Add value at the completion of each spiral on a cycle. Examples are more water, more detergent or a longer spin time. This approach validates and better yet, elevates the ability to solve problems.

Imagine the purpose of a screw. Without the thread it will turn uselessly and not bite into the material to be fastened. This happens when a thread is stripped. Who here has not experienced an automatic transmission that has worn cogs. It will not bite!!

The building of any business, WA not in the least, must be model and patterned with wheels instead of blocks. The moment the processes are seamlessly flowing to completely mesh, a business will grow!. Onward and upward after the rinse!

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I like thi approach!
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Thanks for sharing Mike.

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Quite a logical approach, Michael! I've seen that approach before. Probably in school.

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Nice one ! thank you Mike
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Wow Mike! That's profound.
Great post.
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My pleasure Joe!